Friday, September 24, 2021

CISD Sponsor Hosts Coach of the Year Contest

Carroll ISD marketing partner My Plates wants to recognize coaches and all the good they do in serving their local communities.  Whether they are from a major city or a small Texas town, from football to basketball, softball to soccer, and everything in between, My Plates want to hear about them.

My Plates is giving away over $50,000 in total prizes to be awarded to the local school or sports organization affiliated with the winning coaches. MyPlates has set up a link on their website to submit nominations: Entries are being accepted from now until Friday, Oct. 11. Then will choose up to 20 finalists in 7 regions of Texas and announce them on Saturday, October 19. Those winners then compete statewide for the first prize of $25,000 for his or her team or organization.

Carroll ISD partnered with MyPlates to become the first K-12 public school district in the state to offer custom license plates. Through this marketing partnership, Carroll ISD earns a portion of the revenue for every Dragon license plate sold. Money earned through this fundraiser goes directly into the school district’s general fund. Click here to visit the MyPlates website. Last year, MyPlates produced a video featuring Carroll Dragon fans who’ve already purchased their license plate, click here to watch the clip.