Parks and recreation professionals have a variety of jobs, and the Community Relations division perfectly exemplifies how this small but mighty team wears multiple hats.

You can’t run an award-winning community recreational facility without a killer marketing strategy and passionate individuals ready to tell your story. The Community Relations division manages the department’s social media accounts, website, newsletter, and all digital marketing services for The Marq Southlake, the Bob Jones Nature Center and Preserve, and our various recreational programs and parks system.

Their digital marketing strategy is responsible for our Champions Club's continued membership growth and the positive attention our department receives. Whether they're revamping the Experience Southlake website, out taking pictures, or getting content for Instagram, this team is all about capturing life-long memories and celebrating the world-class services our department provides.

While departmental marketing is a full-time job, this team goes above and beyond traditional marketing services for the Community Services department. This division is also responsible for managing small community events in our park and working with our community services agreement partners to provide essential services to our residents. When community partners want to host a 5K run or bring neighbors together at a park, this team helps them ensure their event is successful!

In true communicator fashion, the individuals behind this team prefer to stay behind the camera. However, actively involved Southlake residents know that they are essential to the success of the Community Services Department.

Happy Park and Recreation Month to the Community Relations Division. Your work exemplifies where community grows!

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