Thursday, June 30, 2022

City Council Approves the Parks, Recreation & Open Space Master Plan

City Council adopted the City of Southlake’s Parks, Recreation and Open Space Master Plan at its June 15 meeting.

The Parks, Recreation and Open Space Master Plan is an element of the Southlake 2035 Comprehensive Plan, which encompasses the vision, goals and objectives that define the values in the community.  The plan development represents over a year and a half of work between elected and appointed officials, community stakeholders and citizens and will serve as a framework to guide decisions related to parks and open space planning for the future.

In 2019, City Council appointed the Parks Board to oversee the development of the Parks, Recreation and Open Space Master Plan. As part of the plan’s development, the Park Board conducted a community parks citizens survey and studied the results, received feedback from social media engagement, held 15 public meetings, received input from other City boards such as the Southlake Youth Action Committee, Senior Advisory Committee, Southlake Kids Interested in Leadership and School Health Advisory Council, held an open house to receive public feedback on the plan and held a SPIN (Southlake Programs for the Involvement of Neighborhoods) meeting.

In addition, both the City Council and Planning and Zoning Commission held a public hearing on the plan prior to adoption. The plan development process took place in four phases: review of the current state of parks recreation and open spaces, incorporate community feedback and develop new concept plans and recommendations.

Once the Park Board developed the recommendations were divided into three categories: citywide policy recommendations, capital parks projects recommendations and non-capital parks project recommendations.

For each specific recommendation, a relative tier ranking was established to articulate the expected implementation timeframe for that recommendation and are then prioritized and ranked by the parks board and City Council.

“Great parks and open space play such an important role in strengthening our community, improving our physical and mental health, and making Southlake a great community to live and work.  The Park Board in conjunction with the Community Services and Planning and Development Departments have worked diligently over the past 18 months to create a plan that will serve as a blueprint to ensure that Southlake has great parks and open space to serve our citizens and many future generations,” Senior Director of Planning and Development Services Ken Baker said.

A full copy of the newly adopted City of Southlake Parks, Recreation and Open Space Master Plan is available on the City of Southlake’s website.

The plan encompasses strategies that will continue to accommodate the growing Southlake community by creating more opportunities for recreational programs and services, in addition to investing in enhanced park facilities and open spaces.

These recommendations were collected utilizing community surveys, public meetings and social media engagement.

Learn What’s in Store with the Updated Parks Master Plan

Interested in hearing what’s in the Parks, Recreation and Open Space Master Plan? Join us for one of the upcoming SPIN, Planning & Zoning Commission or City Council meetings!

The Parks, Recreation and Open Space Master Plan is a component of the Southlake 2035 Comprehensive Plan. The comprehensive plan reflects the community’s values and serves as a blueprint for Southlake’s future. It also establishes a framework to coordinate the City’s activities and guide the City’s decision making for the next several years. The comprehensive plan and its components are updated on a regular basis.

The most recent master plan was adopted in 2013 and amended in 2018.

On August 6, 2019, the City Council appointed the Parks and Recreation Board as the City of Southlake Parks, Recreation and Open Space Master Plan Committee, to oversee the development of the Parks Master Plan Update. Staff also held meetings with the Southlake Kids Interested in Leadership (SKIL), Southlake Youth Action Commission (SYAC) and the Senior Advisory Commission (SAC) to assist with updates. A meeting was also held with the Carroll ISD School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) to update them on the plan development process.

The Parks, Recreation & Open Space Master Plan Committee recommended approval of the plan at their May 10 meeting. The plan now goes to the Planning & Zoning Commission for review and approval, followed by a SPIN meeting and open house, and then on to City Council for review and final approval. The schedule is below:

  • May 20 – Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting
  • May 25 – SPIN Town Hall Forum and Open House
  • June 1 – City Council 1st reading
  • June 15 – City Council 2nd reading

For more information about the Parks, Recreation and Open Space Master Plan, visit

Comprehensive Plan Envisions the Future of Southlake

The City of Southlake develops many of its Comprehensive Plan elements in-house. The Comprehensive Plan is the City of Southlake’s playbook that defines the City’s goals related to capital projects and facilities, City programs and resource allocation. The plan is aligned with the City’s strategic vision for the future of Southlake.

The projects and programs that are now visible in the community were planned years in advance. The Comprehensive Plan is a living document that is constantly adapted and updated every few years. To create the plan, City staff works with various City boards and commissions, Southlake residents and stakeholders, and the City Council.

Some of the Comprehensive Plan recommendations that have been completed this past year include the Zena Rucker Road expansion and roundabout art, N. White Chapel Boulevard roundabout, Continental Boulevard sidewalk, I Believe in Southlake mural, National Preparedness Month education, Solar Panel ordinance, Town Square sign ordinance, family quarters ordinance and a tourism market study.

Continental Sidewalk


I Believe In Southlake Mural

I Believe In Southlake Mural


N. White Chapel Boulevard Roundabout

N. White Chapel Boulevard Roundabout


Zena Rucker Roundabout and Extension

Zena Rucker Roundabout and Extension


The Parks Master Plan is currently in development as part of the 2035 Comprehensive Plan. Staff is working with the City’s Parks and Recreation Board and Southlake residents on developing recommendations to incorporate into the plan. If you’re interested in contributing ideas, attend the Parks and Recreation Board meeting. The City of Southlake estimates the plan to be finalized in summer 2021.

For more information about the Comprehensive Plan, individual plan elements, or to comment on the plan, visit our Comprehensive Plan webpage.

Proclamation for Community Planning Month

On October 26, 2017 at Southlake Town Hall, Mayor Laura Hill presented the Planning and Development Services department with a proclamation designating October as National Community Planning Month.

The proclamation recognizes planning staff, but also the dedicated elected and appointed officials as well as the citizens who contribute to the development of Southlake.

The City of Southlake has a number of volunteer boards and commissions involved in the development process, including: City Council, Community Enhancement Development Corporation, Crime Control and Prevention District, Parks & Recreation Board, Planning & Zoning Commission, Southlake Parks Development Corporation, Building Board of Appeals, Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone Board and the Zoning Board of Adjustment. These boards not only review development proposals, but also develop comprehensive plan elements, oversee how City funds are spent, advise on matters related to recreational areas and facilities, and much more. Click here for more information about Boards & Commissions in the City of Southlake.

The proclamation reads as follows:

Change is constant and affects all cities, towns, suburbs, counties, boroughs, townships, rural areas, and other places; and,

Whereas, community planning and plans can help manage this change in a way that provides better choices for how people work and live; and,

Whereas, community planning provides an opportunity for all residents to be meaningfully involved in making choices that determine the future of their community; and,

Whereas, the full benefits of planning requires public officials and citizens who understand, support, and demand excellence in planning and plan implementation; and,

Whereas, the month of October is designated as National Community Planning Month throughout the United States of America and its territories; and,

Whereas, the celebration of National Community Planning Month gives us the opportunity to publicly recognize the participation and dedication of the members of planning commissions and other citizen planners who have contributed their time and expertise to the improvement of the City of Southlake; and,

Whereas, we recognize the many valuable contributions made by professional community and regional planners of the City of Southlake and extend our heartfelt thanks for the continued commitment to public service by these professionals; now,

Therefore, I, Mayor Laura Hill on behalf of the City Council, do hereby proclaim the month of October 2017, as Community Planning Month in conjunction with the celebration of National Community Planning Month.