Friday, August 12, 2022

City of Southlake Kicks Off Town Hall HVAC Upgrade Replacement Project

Beginning in the new year, the City of Southlake will begin a project to replace the existing HVAC equipment within Town Hall. The existing HVAC equipment is 20 years old and nearing the end of its lifespan. The new equipment will be more resilient to failure and will include a UV lighting disinfectant system, intended to kill airborne viruses, bacteria, mold and related harmful airborne substances.

The heavy project work will begin the first week of January 2021 and continue through spring 2021, but the timeline is subject to weather and a variety of other factors. Town Hall visitors may hear quite a bit of noise early in the project and may also notice some ceilings exposed and various construction equipment throughout the building. Caution tape and warning signage will be placed around construction areas.

Throughout these months, contractors will be working in the building seven days a week at a wide variety of hours, except for during Council/Board meetings. This is so the project can be expedited and completed by spring. During these months, staff asks guests to please avoid construction equipment and remain cautious when near working areas.

To move materials, one Town Hall elevator may be periodically reserved for construction use and lined with padding. When an elevator is reserved for construction use, please use the other elevator. Notices will be placed on corresponding elevators in these situations.

An equipment staging area will be set up on the west side of Town Hall. This will involve blocking off a section of parking in that area and putting up temporary construction fencing. Please avoid walking into the fencing area.

The project budget is an estimated $2 million to be funded through the Tax Increment Finance District Fund and Facility Maintenance Fund.

N. White Chapel Project Continues with Storm Drainage Improvements

Work on N. White Chapel is progressing and still on track.

Storm drainage infrastructure construction for east and west Chapel Downs continues. Work on the storm drainage improvements under N. White Chapel are set to take place along the southbound lane as soon as the temporary road construction is complete to support shifting traffic off of the existing southbound lane.

Recently, contractors have been working to install the road base to support the temporary road construction along the east side of N. White Chapel. Temporary asphalt will begin to be laid on this road base soon and this will allow us to shift both lanes of traffic east and open up the existing southbound lane for demolition and the installation of the storm drainage improvements in this area. The temporary road construction was designed to allow ample room to maintain the turn lanes and existing lane widths throughout construction so that impacts to traffic can be minimized.

Construction of the retaining and screening walls will continue through the fall.

Construction for the N. White Chapel widening project is estimated to be completed by Spring 2022 for an estimated total cost of $17 million.

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Methods Behind the Madness – White Chapel Construction from a Different Perspective

There are many ongoing construction projects throughout the City of Southlake. Each project seems to march to a specific rhythm that translates to physical progress. This progress can be seen when you look at a project every few days.

Some projects seem to lag or even take a step or two backward. There are good reasons for many of the occurrences that you may see out in the field. These reasons are as numerous as the different project types.

Let’s narrow this discussion to the North White Chapel roadway widening project. Specifically, let’s look at the work taking place at the intersection of North White Chapel and Chapel Downs.

The contractor is working to install a new drainage system that will be placed under the roadway when all of the work has been completed. The contractor is slowly working along West Chapel Downs. The contractor digs. New drainage pieces are installed. The contractor closes up the hole and starts the process all over again.

The contractor works this way because the City directed the contractor to keep the existing drainage system operational while the new system is constructed. There will be a point in the project when the old and new systems will come together. The work on West Chapel Downs is expected to be completed in the coming weeks.

The contractor will then move to start work on East Chapel Downs. The area is different and the requirements are different. The contractor will use a different method and technique for this portion of the work. The entrance at North White Chapel and East Chapel Downs will also be closed for several weeks to complete this part of the project.

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The Role of the Retaining Wall on N. White Chapel

Over the last six months contractors have been working on constructing the retaining wall along the east side of the N. White Chapel widening project. Although this portion of the project is taking a considerable amount of time to complete, this relatively hidden structure plays a critical role in the design and construction of the new four-lane thoroughfare and contributes to driver safety and ultimately the preservation of privacy for adjacent residents.

A retaining wall is a structure designed to “retain” material, hence soil, on one side. The east side retaining wall for this project retains the soil that will be beneath the new northbound lanes and serves as the structural support for the neighborhood screening walls.  In this case, contractors are constructing the retaining walls using reinforced concrete, adhering strictly to the structurally engineered design details to ensure safety, stability, and longevity.

Soon contractors will begin constructing permanent masonry screening walls on top of the completed sections of retaining wall. These screening walls are designed to complement the community’s aesthetic by adding texture and style. Once the wall and roadway widening work is completed, landscaping will be added to the medians for a scenic drive.

As of now contractors are working on backfill and clean up tasks associated with the retaining walls. Construction of the retaining and screening walls is estimated to continue into Fall 2020.

The entire N. White Chapel widening project is estimated to be completed by Spring 2022 for an estimated total cost of $17 million.

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Changes Coming to N. White Chapel Roundabout

Signs That Matter – How the Southlake Mobility Team Makes Southlake Safer

Safety for our citizens and commuters is always a priority. Traffic signals and signage promote safe driving conditions and allow drivers to communicate to each other using nonverbal interactions.

Recently, the Southlake Mobility Team addressed concerns on E. Kirkwood Boulevard. Drivers were spotted entering the road in the wrong direction. The Southlake Mobility Team took action and installed a DO NOT ENTER sign, along with the existing CURVE warning sign.

Having appropriate signage is important in all areas of mobility from roadwork, speed limit, pedestrian crossing, U-turns and YIELD and STOP signage.

Signage keeps drivers informed, helps reduce accidents and increases road safety. Whether your crossing the road as a pedestrian or driving to the grocery story, it’s important to take notice and obey traffic signs.

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City Intersection Receives an Upgrade

Contractors will be installing equipment at the traffic signal located at E. Continental Boulevard and S. Kimball Avenue on Thursday, March 26 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., to create the City’s first “Smart Intersection.”

The traffic signal will receive upgraded vehicle detection and a new controller to aid with data collection and incident monitoring as a part of the City’s Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) initiative.

Upon implementation, City engineers and technicians will be able to receive alerts as soon as an issue arises with traffic signal equipment or intersection operations. They will also be able to document the change in traffic patterns while travel restrictions and guidelines are in effect.

These devices are being loaned to the City temporarily for a pilot implementation, free of charge.

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Construction on Zena Rucker Continues to Move Forward

Construction on Zena Rucker started back in October 2019 with the sole purpose to improve mobility between Byron Nelson Parkway and Carroll Avenue by extending the roadway from Matthews Court to Tower Boulevard. New sidewalks and landscaping features will also be added.

So far, contractors are wrapping up the installation of utilities and have cleared the road for paving the extension just west of Tower Boulevard and Zena Rucker Road. The base for the roundabout is also being constructed.

Once completed, pedestrians and commuters will have easy access to Park Village and the Shops of Southlake. The public artwork display, “Mockingbird Tree” will also be installed at the roundabout.

The project is estimated to be completed by Summer 2020, weather permitting. The estimated cost for this project is $2.1 million. For more mobility updates, follow Southlake Mobility on Facebook and visit

Connecting the Dots: The Future of Continental Sidewalk

Things are coming full circle on E. Continental Boulevard. The new sidewalk will create a loop connecting Continental Boulevard to FM 1709, S. Kimball Avenue and S. Carroll Avenue.  Soon, pedestrians will have access to schools, parks, shopping and residential areas.

This sidewalk project will improve mobility in the area by reducing traffic and allow easier access for pedestrians to walk between school and home during drop off and pick up times.

When the project is completed, the new walking path will be about six feet wide with handicap accessible ramps and handrails in several locations.

Future improvements to Continental Boulevard include:

The project is part of the City’s Mobility Master Plan. The Continental Sidewalk portion of the plan is estimated to cost $317,000.

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