Tuesday, August 16, 2022

City-Wide SPIN Meeting About Sidewalk Projects

On Monday, November 12, the City of Southlake’s Planning and Development Services Department will host a city-wide SPIN meeting to obtain feedback on the development of FY 2013 project priority lists for sidewalk construction and wayfinding signage installation. This will take place at 6:00 p.m. in Town Hall in the Council Chambers located on the second floor. This meeting is an opportunity to review the staff-recommended sidewalk projects for 2013 and offer comments.  The priority list will then be presented to the City Council in the next several weeks.

In FY2012, approximately 12,000 linear feet of sidewalk were added to the City’s infrastructure composed of the following projects:

  • The East side of North Carroll Avenue from Taylor Street to Dove Rd connecting to Carroll Middle School
  • South Peytonville Avenue from Elks to Chimney Works
  • The North side of East Highland Street from Sunshine Lane to new Carroll Elementary School
  • The West side of North White Chapel Boulevard from north of Walnut Grove Elementary to Wingate Lane
  • North Kimball widening Phase I

Three more segments were approved by the City Council in FY2012 and are currently under design:

  • West side of North White Chapel Boulevard from Cliffs Park existing sidewalk North to King Ranch Road
  • West side of South Peytonville Avenue from Elks to Stonebury
  • East side North Carroll Avenue from Del Mar north to Dove Road roundabout

In addition to constructing new sidewalk and trail segments in FY 2012, the City also invested in the installation of signalized pedestrian crosswalks. These solar powered signalized crosswalks were funded out of the Red Light Camera Fund and allow for the safe crossing of pedestrians at key locations by alerting drivers to the presence of pedestrians. The following signals have been added:

  • Keystone at North White Chapel Boulevard
  • Ownby at South Carroll Avenue
  • Del Mar at North Carroll Avenue
  • Wingate at North White Chapel Boulevard

Also, the Southlake Boulevard Sidewalks (FM 1709) is a major project taken on by TxDOT in partnership with the City to fill gaps between sidewalks already put in place by area developers. These gaps will be filled with eight-foot wide sidewalks in an effort to increase pedestrian connectivity, safety, and security. As TxDOT has recently approved and provided the majority of funding for this $1.28 million project, it is set to begin construction in early 2013. The City of Southlake’s matching contribution is $298,255 or twenty percent of the project’s initial cost. For more detailed information on these FY2012 projects, visit The City of Southlake’s FY 2012 Sidewalks Page.

Monday’s meeting is set to address the upcoming FY2013 sidewalk and signage projects to take place around the City. More detailed information about these upcoming projects will be provided at the meeting. For questions about this meeting, contact Lori Fletcher at 817-748-8069. If you have questions about projects under design, contact Public Works at 817-748-8098.