Thursday, May 26, 2022

DIS Student Wins Junior Poetry Contest

Libby Tseng pictured with Red Steagall

Carroll ISD fifth grader Libby Tseng recently competed in this year’s Red Steagall poetry contest. The annual event was held in the historic Fort Worth Stockyards on Saturday, Oct. 26.

Libby was selected as one of ten finalists in the Junior Division and received first place with her poem “Teachers are Better than Cows”. Libby will receive a college scholarship as part of her prize winnings. She is a student of Patty Christensen, fifth grade GT Language Arts teacher at Durham Intermediate School.

The Texas State Legislature named Red Steagall the Official Cowboy Poet of Texas. Click here for more information about the junior poetry event.

Libby’s poem is below:

A Cowboy’s life is not for me
That’s something I can plainly see
Herding cattle in the blazing sun
Is not my idea of having fun
But if I were the one with the 10 gallon hat
I might have a different view at that
Sitting with kids and books inside
Would make me long for a cattle drive
Chuck wagon, lunch lines
Home Rooms, branding time
Each night sleeping beneath the stars
Each spring taking a test called the STAAR


These lives are as different as can be
Which one is better depends on who’s me
Since I’m only ten right now
It makes sense I prefer my teacher to a cow.