Saturday, September 25, 2021

CSHS Art Students Advance in UIL Competition

This past Saturday 44 CSHS art students voluntarily participated in the Visual Art Scholastic Event (VASE) at the regional level at Timber Creek High School.  While all scored within the top half of the rankings, Carroll ISD would like to congratulate the following students who scored a “4”, the top score at the regional level, collectively bringing home a total of sixty-two medals.

  • Carissa Aglietti 4TAEAlogo
  • Sarah Alvi 4, 4
  • Jacob Bailey 4
  • Christie Ballew 4, 4
  • Sarah Banks 4, 4
  • Hanna Christina 4
  • Hannah Cory 4
  • Taylor Coughlin 4, 4
  • Olivia Cunningham 4
  • John De Busk 4, 4
  • Jared Deleon 4
  • Sabrina Del Rosario 4
  • Jackie Duguemin 4, 4
  • Evan Dunkel 4
  • Emilia Egel 4
  • Kiana Fernandez 4, 4
  • Jessica Filiaggi 4, 4
  • Morgan Franklin 4
  • Haley Hurlburt 4, 4
  • Olivia Johnson 4, 4
  • Jamie Kirby 4, 4
  • Soumya Kovela 4
  • Gracie Lanham 4
  • Alice Liu 4
  • Madison Long 4
  • Ian McKinsey 4
  • Rachel Meyne 4, 4
  • Alexandria Miles 4, 4
  • Mandi Misra 4
  • Mary Morris 4, 4
  • Emily Oikkola 4, 4
  • JC Patino 4, 4
  • Cassie Saffarian 4
  • Kate Sheedy 4, 4
  • Ciara Smith 4
  • Nicole Smith 4, 4
  • Kate Snow 4, 4
  • Bronwyn Sutherland 4
  • Madison Tolley 4
  • Ethan Van Easteren 4
  • Giovanna Veiga 4
  • Nicole Wichman 4, 4
  • Nina Williams 4
  • Zack Wilson 4

Five entries represented by four students were selected to represent CSHS at the state level in April.  Those four students were John De Busk, Soumya Kovela, Sabrina Del Rosaria, and JC Patino (two entries).  Congratulations to these students and all who participated in this year’s VASE competition.


AP Student Art Show Scheduled

The Carroll Senior High School Art Center will host the annual AP Art Show in February.

Opening night is Wednesday, Feb. 5 from 5- 7 p.m. The community is welcome to attend. Artwork will be on display, during regular school hours through February, 14. 

The Caroll AP Boosters will once again help sponsor the exhibit. 

Judges to Dragon Choir: "Absolutely Stunning!"

Members of the Carroll Senior High School Choir are celebrating a big win this past week. On Wednesday, April 17 three of the four competing Carroll Choir groups received Sweepstakes at the Texas UIL Concert and Sight-Reading Contest for Region 24. The competition was held at Flower Mound High School in Lewisville ISD.

Since January, approximately 180 Carroll Choir students have been rehearsing. The Varsity Chorale performed “Tu Pauperum refugium” by Josquin des Pres, “With a Voice of Singing” by Kenneth Jennings, and “O Nata Lux” by Morten Lauridsen. Immediately following their stage performance, the choirs were directed to another room to perform sight-reading. In this process, students are given a piece of music to study for six minutes, without singing. At the end of the time period, students are required to sign the piece, with all parts, for three judges. Three of Carroll’s ensembles received top scores from the sight-reading room.

Carroll Choir Director Marla Ringel said the students performances prompted the judges to introduce themselves to students during the break, and congratulate them on their performance.

Some of the judge’s remarks included:

“This (performance) was absolutely stunning!”- D. McMahan

“Choir. Wow!!! Great things happending here.  So good to see this group.” -R. Wright

“Superb! Excellent reading.  You are smart, smart girls and you sing very well.  You are going to be part of something special at CHS. Congratulations!”- R. Talley

Ringel said, “This year has been an absolute pleasure.  I look forward to working with these fine young students every day.  The highlight of this contest season came while we were listening to Chorale’s recordings from their stage performance.  It was amazing to see the pride on their faces as they realized what they had accomplished together.”

The next Dragon Choir performance will be Thursday, May 23 for the student’s Spring Choir Concert. The pop show will be at the Carroll Senior High School auditorium from 6- 8:30 p.m. Students will continue their competition schedule May 24-25 at the Texas State Solo and Ensemble in Austin.

For additional information about the program visit

CHS Student Council Receives Award, Recognition

The Carroll High School Student Council project “Once Upon a Dragon” earned top honors at the Texas Association of Student Councils (TASC) Annual Conference. The project was named a top ten project in the state.

TASC is the largest student council association in the world, and the ten projects recognized at its conference represented the projects with the greatest community impact that reached the largest number of people with the most significant results from across the State of Texas.

The effects of the project are evident just by walking down the hallways of Carroll High School. Rows and rows of books are lined up, stapled in the hallway, representing the enormous number of books the students have read. Over the course of the year, Carroll High School students have read over 3,000 books. One of the many reading activities the Student Council has lead was reading children’s books at the Goddard Preschool to draw kids into reading at an early age. The time spent reading has been shown to greatly increase vocabulary as well as writing skills which directly correlates to college entrance exam scores, such as the SAT and ACT. The primary goal of the project is to spark an interest in reading, so much that students will desire to read outside the confines of a classroom, which is something that has been declining over that past years. As a whole, Once Upon a Dragon… has completely changed the view on reading at Carroll High School.

“[Once Upon a Dragon…] has directly contributed to increased student reading on other works involved in the curriculum and is impacting our test scores as well,” said CHS teacher Shane Bybee.

While funding for student activities continues to be cut across the state, student council members with the volunteer assistance of their advisers raise the funds necessary to conduct projects and support their schools and communities.

“As student councils members across the state of Texas cross the stage to pick up their diplomas, more and more will be moving on to college and careers with a commitment to public service, civic participation, and the knowledge that they make a difference in their communities and their lives through service to others and participation in the democratic process,” said Terry Hamm, Director of Texas Association of Student Councils. “I am constantly amazed at the contributions made by high school student council members under the guidance of exceptional Student Council advisers.  Congratulations to these councils and their students for their dedication to service and commitment to improving their school, their communities, and their world. These students embody TASC’s dedication to student voice, student engagement, and student leadership.”

“I’m extremely proud of my students for putting their hearts into this project,” said Brandi Hunt, CHS Student Council advisor. “They worked hard on our reading initiative this year and I’m excited that they are being recognized for their dedication to the program.”

These young people develop proven skills in team building, problem solving, project planning, and decision making.  Through their co-curricular activities, student council members serve their communities while strengthening their academic and civic skills.

“This project was really eye-opening to me because for some reason, I just stopped reading after 7th grade. This definitely has brought me back to reading,” said Joshua Choe, Student Council officer at Carroll High School.

The 2012-13 CHS officers are Joshua Choe, Harris Jensen, Paige Johnson, Allie Miller, Audrey Ohlhaber, Chandler Smith, and Summer Terry.