Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Carroll Swimmers, Divers Sweep District Championships at CISD Aquatics Center

Seven teams and 228 swimmers and divers competed last Friday in the District 5-6A Swimming & Diving Championships at the CISD Aquatics Center.

All eight Dragon divers qualified for the Regional Championships. The top six in each event qualified for Regionals.

Dragon Girls’ Diving Results:
1st  Bridget O’Neil  534.75   All-Amer Consideration
2nd Allison Ward   472.10
3rd  Katie Crown   426.70
4th  Summer Westover  419.65 

Dragon Boys’ Diving Results:
2nd  CJ Durant   416.40
3rd  Phillip Kleiman  404.10
4th  Luke McFarland  371.10
6th  Reid Klein   344.00

Our Dragons Girls won all three relays:
200 med relay  1:47.15 with Kit Kat Zenick, Rachel Luevit, Anya Ittiruck and Spencer Dockal
200 free relay  1:38.16  with Natalie Whalen, Amelia Rusli, Sydney Balint and Spencer Dockal
                      new HS pool record!

400 free relay  3:31.82  with Natalie Whalen, Kit Kat Zenick, Amelia Rusli and Sydney Balint
                      All-Amer Consideration, new HS pool record
                      Whalen’s lead-off split of 51.90 was another new HS pool record

Dragon Relays:
200 med relay   1:31.82 with Jack LeVant, Evan Kolde, Gus Karau and Landon Armstrong
                       All-Amer Automatic, new HS pool record, new school record
200 free relay   1:26.05 with Evan Kolde, Alex Zettle, Landon Jensen and Colter Carman
                       All-Amer Consideration
400 free relay   3:05.20 with Jack LeVant, Alex Zettle, Colter Carman and Landon Jensen
                       All-Amer Automatic, new HS pool record
                       Levant’s lead-off split of 44.56 was another new HS pool record 

Individual Swimming Champions for the Dragons included:
Alex Zettle 200 free  1:37.76   new HS pool record   All-Amer Automatic
Natalie Whalen 200 IM   2:03.64   All-Amer Consideration
Daniel Balint  200 IM  1:54.63
Spencer Dockal   50 free  24.62   PR
Jack LeVant  50 free  20.40   new HS pool record    All-Amer Automatic
Kit Kat Zenick  100 fly  55.42  new HS pool record   All-Amer Consideration
Jack LeVant  100 fly   48.17   new HS pool record   All-Amer Automatic
Landon Armstrong  100 free  46.72
Natalie Whalen  500 free   5:02.19
Alex Zettle 500 free   4:24.96   new HS pool record  All-Amer Automatic
Kit Kat Zenick  100 back  56.76
Evan Kolde  100 breast  57.84  

Other Top eight Scorers for the Dragons included:  Top 6 qualify for Regions
2nd Sydney Balint  200 free  1:54.78  PR
5th  Ashley Zettle  200 free  1:57.48  PR
8th  Ashley Woods  200 free  1:58.84  PR
2nd Gus Karau 200 free  1:42.17
3rd  Kevin Repice  200 free  1:43.41
6th  Chris Lindley  200 free  1:46.25
4th  Rachel Luevit 200 IM  2:09.58
6th  Anya Ittiruck  200 IM  2:13.09
2nd  Colter Carman  200 IM  1:55.89
4th  Brian Hochman  200 IM  1:56.40  PR
5th  Jaykob Williams  200 IM  1:56.62
3rd  Tina Karl  50 free  25.01   PR
4th  Amelia Rusli  50 free  25.33
5th  Lana Jeter  50 free   25.63
2nd  Landon Armstrong  50 free  21.40
4th  Landon Jensen   50 free  22.01   PR
6th  Griffin Rea   50 free   22.30
3rd  Anya Ittiruck  100 fly  57.69
4th  Madelynn Tung  100 fly  58.62
5th  Grace Giddings  100 fly  59.72  PR
2nd  Gus Karau  100 fly  50.53
3rd  Daniel Balint  100 fly  51.32
5th  Logan Davis  100 fly  51.74
2nd  Sydney Balint  100 free  53.74
5th  Amelia Rusli  100 free  54.93
6th  Abby Cosenza  100 free  56.35
7th  Alden Sadler  100 free   56.81   PR
2nd Evan Kolde  100 free  46.84  PR
3rd  Landon Jensen  100 free  47.60
4th  Logan Henry   100 free  48.13  PR
5th  Madelynn Tung  500 free  5:11.08
7th  Ashley Woods  500 free  5:11.41
8th  Ashley Zettle  500 free  5:15.66
2nd  Colter Carman  500 free  5:38.94
4th  Eric Hart  500 free  4:43.41
5th  Chris Lindley  500 free  4:43.87
3rd  Ashlee Shepherd  100 back  1:01.45  PR
4th  Miranda Faust  100 back  1:01.60
5th  Brooke Guerra  100 back  1:02.49
2nd  Logan Henry  100 back  53.06  PR
3rd  Jack VandeBerg  100 back  53.54
4th  Kevin Repice  100 back  53.79
6th  Jaykob Williams  100 back  55.87  PR
3rd  Rachel Luevit  100 breast  1:07.47
4th  Lillian Duma  100 breast  1:08.38
5th  Tina Karl  100 breast  1:08.92  PR
6th  Natalie Gessner  100 brast  1:11.13
2nd Logan Davis 100 breast  58.62
4th  JP Reppeto  100 breast  1:00.57  PR
5th  Chris Ta  100 breast  1:01.45  PR

*Bridget O’Niel was the District 5-6A Girl Diver of the Meet

*Kit Kat Zenick was the District 5-6A Girl Swimmer of the Meet

*Jack LeVant was the District 5-6A Boy Swimmer of the Meet

District 5-6A Team Scoring

1.  Carroll                    273.5   five individual pool records, two relay pool records, one school record

                                             seven of nine individual Champions, three for three relay Champions

                                             36 of 36 individual Regional spots, plus three relays

                                             23 of 23 Dragon Boy swimmers and divers advance to Regionals
2.  Flower Mound         102.5
3.  Marcus                     64
4.  Hebron                     48
5.  Lewisville                  26
6.  Trinity                      19
7.  LD Bell                     12

1.  Carroll                     233   two individual pool records, two relay pool records

                                           six of nine individual Champions, three for three relay Champions

                                           30 of 36 individual Regional spots, plus three relays

                                           23 of 25 Dragon Girl swimmers and divers advance to Regionals
2.  Flower Mound          136
3.  Marcus                      62
4.  Lewisville                   47
5.  Hebron                      41
6.  Trinity                       16
7.  LD Bell                     

Dragons Swimmers, Divers Make Successful Trip to West Texas

The Carroll Dragon swimmers and divers swept the Lubbock Invitational Swim/Dive Meet last weekend.

Here are the results…

Top 10 Team Scores:

1.  Southlake Carroll Green   1318
2.  El Paso Eastwood                   522
3.  San Angelo Central                 491
4.  Mansfield Legacy                    432
5.  Lubbock HS                           424
6.  Mansfield Lake Ridge              383
7.  Kingwood Atascocita               328
8.  Southlake Carroll Black       322
9.  Lubbock Monterey                  317
10. El Paso Coronado                  283 

1.  Southlake Carroll Green         1270
2.  Kingwood Atascocita                    601
3.  Lubbock HS                                500
4.  El Paso Coronado                        420
5.  El Paso Eastwood                        407
6.  Southlake Carroll Black           405
7.  San Angelo Central                     357
8.  Los Alamos                                355
9.  Lubbock Coronado                      308
10. Midland HS                                223

Top 4 relays for the Dragons included:

1st 200 med relay 1:39.31 with Kevin Repice, JP Reppeto, Gus Karau and Griffin Rea
2nd 200 med relay 1:39.35 with Jack VandeBerg, Evan Kolde, Logan Davis and Eric Hart
2nd 200 free relay 1:41.39 with Natalie Whalen, Amelia Rusli, Spencer Dockal and Rachel Luevit
3rd 200 free relay  1:41.84 with Kit Kat Zenick, Sydney Balint, Tina Karl and Anya Ittiruck
1st 200 free relay 1:27.86 with Landon Armstrong, Alex Zettle, Logan Henry and Landon Jensen
2nd 200 free relay  1:28.19 with Evan Kolde, Jack LeVant, Brian Hochman and Colter Carman
1st 400 free relay 3:41.16 with Kit Kat Zenick, Amelia rusli, Ashley Zettle and Abby Cosenza
4th 400 free relay  3:45.75 with Natalie Whalen, Sydney Balint, Madelynn Tung and Cristina Moraru
1st 400 free relay 3:12.34 with Kevin Repice, Colter Carman, Landon Jensen and Alex Zettle
2nd 400 free relay 3:12.62 with Gus Karau, Landon Armstrong, Daniel Balint and Jack LeVant

The Top 24 swimmers in each event scored points.  Our Dragons did well and there are too many to list all of those that scored points for our Teams.

See below our Top 8 finishers in individual events:

200 free girls        Sydney Balint 4th 1:59.36

                          Ashley Zettle  7th  2:02.78

                          Ashley Woods 8th 2:02.85

200 free boys      Alex Zettle   1st  1:40.38   New Meet Record

                          Gus Karau  3rd  1:43.05

                          Kevin Repice 5th  1:45.17

                          Chris Lindley 8th  1:49.60

200 IM girls          Natalie Whalen 1st 2:06.87

                          Rachel Luevit 3rd  2:13.18

                          Anya Ittiruck  6th  2:17.71

200 IM boys         Colter Carman  1st 1:55.97

                          Daniel Balint   2nd  2:00.21

                          Jaykob Williams  4th  2:01.66

                          Brian Hochman  5th  2:03.45

50 free girls         Amelia Rusli 6th  25.48

                          Spencer Dockal 7th 25.78

50 free boys        Jack LeVant  1st  20.96

                         Landon Armstrong 3rd  21.95

                         Landon Jensen   5th   22.26

1-meter Diving girls    Bridget O’Neil 1st 490.35

                                Allison Ward 2nd 468.00

                                Summer Westover 3rd 379.60

                                Isabelle LeBlanc   4th  361.20

1-meter Diving boys   CJ Durant  5th  398.00

                                Phillip Kleiman 6th  371.45

100 fly girls           Kit Kat Zenick  1st   56.57   New Meet Record    

                           Madelynn Tung  2nd  1:00.49

                           Anya Ittiruck  3rd   1:00.70

                           Grace Giddings  8th  1:03.60

100 fly boys          Jack LeVant  1st  49.51       New Meet Record 

                           Gus Karau  2nd   52.69

                           Logan Davis  3rd  52.92

                           Daniel Balint  4th  54.00

100 free girls        Sydney Balint 3rd  55.23

                          Amelia Rusli  4th   55.31

                          Spencer Dockal 7th  57.90

                          Abby Cosenza  8th  58.30  (57.40 in Prelims)

100 free boys       Landon Armstrong  3rd  47.51

                          Evan Kolde  4th   47.61

                           Landon Jensen  5th  47.94

                          Logan Henry  8th   49.84

500 free girls        Natalie Whalen  2nd  5:05.13

                          Ashley Woods  4th  5:23.11

                          Ashley Zettle  5th   5:24.63

                          Madelynn Tung  6th  5:28.91

500 free boys       Alex Zettle  1st  4:34.80   New Meet Record

                          Colter Carman  2nd  4:39.51

                          Eric Hart  5th  4:54.57

                          Chris Lindley  6th  4:55.08

                          Mason Kelber  7th  5:06.28

100 back girls       Kit Kat Zenick  2nd  58.59

                          Ashlee Shepherd  4th  1:02.32

                          Brooke Guerra  7th  1:04.12

100 back boys      Kevin Repice  2nd  54.53

                          Logan Henry  3rd  56.05

                          Jack VandeBerg 4th  56.20

100 breast girls    Rachel Luevit  4th  1:09.01

                          Lillian Duma 6th  1:12.17

                          Tina Karl  7th   1:12.84

                          Natalie Gessner  8th  1:13.65

100 breast boys   Evan Kolde  2nd  58.94

                          Logan Davis  4th  1:01.36

                          JP Reppeto  5th  1:02.10

Thursday at 6 p.m. Carroll hosts St. Mark’s on Senior Night. 

Also, on Friday Jan. 20 at 4:30 pm, Carroll will host the District 5-6A Swim Meet.


Lady Dragon Diver Competes at World Junior Diving Championships in Russia

Carroll Lady Dragon diver Bridgett O’Neill recently competed in Kazan, Russia at the FINA World Junior Diving Championships.

It marked O’Neill’s first time to qualify for Worlds, representing her USA Diving Club – GC Divers in Southlake.

O’Neill, a freshman, finished 10th out of 26 divers in the 1 meter and 14th out of 29 in the 3 meter event.

Divers from all over the world competed, including Japan, Italy, Great Britain, Canada, Germany, Mexico and Russia.

O’Neill is regarded as one of the top two high school divers in the state.


Dragon Swimmers, Divers Take Top Honors at Mansfield Invitational

The Dragon swimmers and divers had 65 team members compete Friday and Saturday at the Mansfield Invitational Swim/Dive Meet to conclude the fall regular season.

The following are the results…

Team Scores:  Top six of 18 Teams


  1.  Carroll                   831
  2.  Keller                    473
  3.  Byron Nelson        363
  4.  Lubbock                305
  5.  San Angelo Central 255
  6.  Mansfield               249


  1.  Carroll                    792
  2.  Keller                    484
  3.  San Angelo Central 375
  4.  Lubbock                288
  5.  Mansfield Lake Ridge 250
  6.  Ft Bend Ridge Point   210

Relay top 3 finishes for the Dragons included:
1st 200 med relay 1:49.97 with Ashlee Shepherd, Rachel Luevit, Anya Ittiruck and Tina Karl *new meet record

3rd 200 med relay  1:52.59 with Miranda Faust, Lillian Duma, Grace Giddings and Spencer Dockal
1st  200 med relay 1:37.91 with Jack VandeBerg, JP Reppeto, Logan Davis and Griffin Rea  *new meet record

1st 200 free relay  1:40.23 with Amelia Rusli, Rachel Luevit, Tina Karl and Spencer Dockal
2nd 200 free relay  1:29.04 with Landon Jensen, Griffin Rea, Jack VandeBerg and Logan Davis
3rd 200 free relay  1:29.25 with Logan Henry, Zach Lowery, Eric Hart and Garrett Kuketz
1st 400 free relay  3:40.57 with Amelia Rusli, Ashley Zettle, Abby Cosenza and Madelyn Tung
2nd 400 free relay 3:15.09 with Landon Jensen, Jaykob Williams, Brian Hochman and Garrett Kuketz
3rd 400 free relay 3:15.24 with Logan Henry, Eric Hart, Chris Lindley and JP Reppeto

Individual Top 5 finishes for the Dragons included:
Ashley Zettle 4th 200 free  1:57.43  PR
Chris Lindley 1st 200 free  1:43.77  PR
Landon Jensen  4th 200 free  1:44.41  PR
Eric Hart  5th  200 free  1:47.12
Madelynn Tung  1st  200 IM  2:10.95  PR
Anya Ittiruck  2nd  200 IM  2:11.03
Tina Karl  4th  200 IM  2:15.52   PR
Natalie Gessner  5th  200 IM  2:17.45  PR
Jaykob Williams  1st  200 IM  1:56.26  PR
Spencer Dockal  2nd  50 free   24.93  PR
Amelia Rusli   3rd  50 free  24.96    (24.92 in Prelims, PR)
Anya Ittiruck  1st  100 fly  57.51  season best
Madelynn Tung  3rd  100 fly  59.35
Grace Giddings  4th  100 fly  1:00.19  PR
Logan Davis  1st  100 fly  51.49  PR
Brian Hochman  2nd  100 fly  53.63  PR
JP Reppeto  4th  100 fly  54.33   PR
Spencer Dockal  5th  100 free  55.34  PR
Landon Jensen  2nd  100 free  47.25  PR
Logan Henry  5th  100 free 49.14
Ashley Woods  1st  500 free  5:10.31  PR
Chris Lindley  1st  500 free  4:37.02   PR
Eric Hart  4th  500 free   4:43.92
Rachel Luevit  1st  100 breast  1:06.48  season best
Lillian Duma  4th  100 breast  1:09.04  season best
Tina Karl  5th  100 breast  1:10.31  PR
Logan Davis  1st  100 breast  58.58  PR  *new meet record
JP Reppeto  2nd  100 breast  1:01.24
Chris Ta  4th  100 breast 1:02.53
Jack VandeBerg  1st  100 back  53.69   season best
Jaykob Williams 4th  100 back  56.74   PR
Ali Ward  1st 3 meter diving   234.40                 2nd  1 meter diving  451.05
Summer Westover  2nd  3 meter diving  229.65     3rd  1 meter diving  407.20
Isabelle LeBlanc  3rd   3 meter diving  217.05       5th  1 meter diving  368.05
Phillip Kleiman  5th  3 meter diving  217.85         4th  1 meter diving  392.60
CJ Durant     5th   3 meter diving  392.10

Dragon Swimming/Diving Teams Sweep First Home Meet of Season

The Dragon Varsity Swim/Dive Teams hosted their home meet of the 2016-2017 season last week.

The Dragons dominated Allen and Dallas Jesuit winning all three relays and nine individual events.

The Lady Dragons won all three relays, and seven of the nine individual events vs. Allen and Dallas Ursuline Academy.

The next event Saturday, Oct. 15 at 10 a.m. at the Carroll Aquatic Center.

Carroll  235   Dallas Jesuit   65
Carroll  223   Allen HS         77

Carroll  240   Ursuline        65
Carroll  231   Allen HS        84

Top 2 relays for the Dragons included:
1st 200 med relay  1:54.97 with Miranda Faust, Rachel Luevit, Anya Ittiruck and Amelia Rusli
2nd 200 med relay  1:58.13 with Ashlee Shepherd, Lillian Duma, Madelynn tung and Spencer Docka
1st 200 med relay  1:36.64  (new Carroll Aquatic Center HS Pool Record)
                           with Jack LeVant, Evan Kolde, Alex Zettle and Griffin Rea
1st 200 free relay  1:41.17 with Kit Kat Zenick, Natalie Whalen, Rachel Luevit and Tina Karl
2nd 200 free relay  1:46.95 with Lillian Duma, Sydney Balint, Alden Sadler and Lana Jeter
1st 200 free relay   1:29.97 with Colter Carman, Evan Kolde, Kevin Repice and Logan Davis
2nd 200 free relay  1:30.49 with Landon Armstrong, Logan Henry, Landon Jensen and Eric Hart
1st 400 free relay  3:42.49 with Natalie Whalen, Kit Kat Zenick, Sydney Balint and Amelia Rusli
1st 400 free relay  3:11.23 with Colter Carman, Landon Jensen, Logan Henry and Jack LeVant
2nd  400 free relay  3:12.26 with Landon Armstrong, Kevin Repice, Griffin Rea and Alex Zettle

Individual Top 3 finishers for the Dragons included:
Natalie Whalen 1st 200 free  1:55.62
Sydney Balint 2nd 200 free  2:01.40
Colter Carman 1st 200 free  1:43.73
Landon Armstrong 2nd 200 free  1:46.31
Kevin Repice  3rd 200 free 1:46.50
Rachel Luevit 1st 200 IM  2:12.18
Anya Ittiruck  2nd 200 IM  2:13.94
Madelynn Tung 3rd 200 IM  2:13.95
Jack LeVant 1st 200 IM  1:53.64
Jaykob Williams  3rd  200 IM  2:01.53
Kit Kat Zenick  1st 50 free  24.38
Alex Zettle  1st  50 free  21.61
Anya Ittiruck  2nd 100 fly  1:00.04
Madelynn Tung  3rd  100 fly  1:00.41
Logan Davis 1st  100 fly  53.51
Chris Lindley  3rd  100 fly  55.60
Amelia Rusli  2nd 100 free  55.72
Lana Jeter  3rd  100 free  57.72
Alex Zettle 1st  100 free  46.33  (tied Carroll Aquatic Center HS Pool Record)
Landon Jensen  2nd 100 free  47.88
Natalie Whalen  1st  500 free  5:09.21
Ashley Woods  2nd  500 free  5:24.84
Ashley Zettle  3rd  500 free  5:32.67
Colter Carman  1st 500 free  4:38.00
Chris Lindley  2nd  500 free   4:48.42
Kit Kat Zenick  1st 100 back  59.41
Jack LeVant  1st  100 back 50.18
Kevin Repice  3rd  100 back  55.99
Rachel Luevit  1st 100 breast  1:09.31
Lillian Duma  2nd  100 breast  1:12.03
Tina Karl  3rd  100 breast  1:13.61
Evan Kolde  1st 100 breast  1:00.95
JP Reppeto  2nd  100 breast  1:02.55
Logan Davis  3rd  100 breast  1:02.67
Allison Ward 1st diving 254.40
Isabelle LeBlanc 2nd diving  228.35
Summer Westover  3rd diving  215.05
CJ DuRant  1st diving  246.35
Phillip Kleiman  2nd diving  221.75

Dragon Swimmers, Divers Earn NISCA HS All-American Status

The following Carroll Dragon swimmers were named NISCA High School All-Americans for the 2015-2016 school year.

Natalie Whalen 100 fly  55.12
Alex Moraru, Evan Kolde, Gus Karau and Landon Armstrong 200 med relay  1:33.64
Jack LeVant, Alex Zettle, Austin Whalen and Landon Jensen  200 free relay 1:23.19 (new school record)
Jack LeVant, Alex Zettle, Austin Whalen and Colter Carman  400 free relay  2:59.69 (new Texas State Record) #2 in entire USA HS Swimming

Alex Zettle  200 free  1:37.17
Austin Whalen  200 free  1:39.18
Colter Carman  200 IM   1:50.12
Jack LeVant  50 free  20.23  (school record)
Jack LeVant 100 fly  48.06  (school record)
Gus Karau  100 fly  49.03
Jack LeVant  100 free  44.71  (school record)
Alex Zettle  100 free  45.12
Alex Zettle  500 free  4:22.64
Colter Carman  500 free  4:25.35
Evan Kolde  100 breast  56.29  (new school record)

Dragon divers Nate Hernandez and Sloane Papa were also named NISCA All-Americans.

Dragon Diver Earns USA Junior World Championship Invite

Bryce Klein, a senior diver at Carroll Senior High School and former state champion, is one of 18 divers selected to represent the USA at the Junior World Championship. The meet is set for Oct. 8-13 in Adelaide, Australia. Klein will compete in both the 1-meter and 3-meter springboard events.

Klein also holds fourth place in the Men’s 3-Meter Synchronized Springboard event with Bradley Christensen and 19th place in the Men’s 3-Meter Springboard event at the US Olympic Trials. Klein is also a district, regional and sstate Champion holding many record breaking titles. In February 2012, Klein was the youngest of 13 divers who qualified for the USA Grand Prix International Meet in Rostock, Germany. He finished 10th in the meet. He is also a member of the 2016 Olympic Training Team.

From 6:30 to 8 p.m. Wednesday. Aug. 29, you can catch Klein diving in the competition where he was selected to represent the USA on NBC Sports Network.

Dragon Diver Finishes 10th At Olympic Trials

Dragon diver Bryce Klein

Southlake divers Bryce Klein and Bradley Christensen finished fourth overall in the 2012 U.S. Olympic Trials in the Men’s Synchronized 3-Meter Springboard event. The finals took place Friday, June 22 and the duo was placed in fifth going in. The top three finishers ahead of Klein and Christensen have previously been in the Olympics or were NCAA winners.

Christensen is a senior-to-be at Argyle Liberty Christian and dives for GC Divers with Klein. Both are set to graduate high school in 2013. Klein, a senior-to-be at Carroll and former state diving champion, also competed individually in the finals for the U.S. Olympic Trials in diving. Going into the 3-Meter Springboard, he was in 16th place and finished 10th overall. Carroll diving coach Carolyn Hyorchuk said Klein will set his sights on the next Olympics in four years.