Saturday, December 2, 2023

Thieves Targeting Vehicles With Valuables Left Inside

The Southlake Police Department is seeing another increase in burglaries of motor vehicles in the last six weeks. We are aware that many Southlake residents are discussing this trend and that discussion will help us spread the word to residents to be extra vigilant when parking or leaving their vehicles.

We are again urging citizens to protect their valuables by not leaving purses, wallets, laptops etc. visible inside their vehicles. car broken window

Since February 3rd, 2016, there have been fourteen (14) Burglary of Motor Vehicles (BMV). Several have occurred at local daycares, during drop off and pick up times, while others have occurred near homes and parking areas.

In several cases, car doors were unlocked with valuables left inside. In other cases, car doors were locked but valuables were left in plain view prompting thieves to smash windows and grab purses and other items.

Remember it only takes seconds for a thief to steal your valuables. ​Police Chief James Brandon says,”Thieves will watch and wait near places such as day care centers, and parks to see if you take your purse or valuables with you. If they observe you leaving your vehicle empty-handed, they will take that as an opportunity to look inside your vehicle and take what they want.” Always be aware of your surroundings.

You may hear the words, “Hide, Lock, Take” a lot but it’s important to follow these guidelines every day. Hide your things, Lock your car, and Take your Keys.
We appreciate citizens working with the Southlake Police Department to help reduce thefts and ​burglaries of vehicles. Together we can make a difference.