Monday, March 20, 2023

Dragons Will Soon Explore Space

Dragons will soon be seeing stars.

Carroll ISD has been awarded a grant through the Hudson Foundation to build an astronomy observatory and purchase a portable star lab to be used by both students and community members of Southlake.

The Dragon Astronomy Observatory will be located at Johnson Elementary School, pending approval by the City of Southlake. It will offer students the opportunity to view planets, star clusters, galaxies, and nebulae. At the observatory, families will gather to view the night sky, and students will learn more about space as they prepare for a future in STEM.

The Hudson Foundation has a tradition of supporting Carroll ISD.  In 2004, they provided the grant to begin the Carroll Medical Academy which has grown to serve approximately 200 students. This partnership is continuing with the addition of the Dragon Astronomy Observatory.

Carroll ISD plans to utilize this grant in a variety of ways to impact the community:

  • An observatory built on one of the Carroll ISD campuses
  • School and community Star-Gazing Nights
  • A high school Astronomy course
  • Formation of Campus Astronomy Clubs

In order to make this dream a reality, the Carroll ISD science department is creating an Astronomy Committee composed of science curriculum coordinators, teachers, and community members.  This group will serve as an advisory committee supporting program start-up, providing insights for constructing the observatory, purchasing equipment, generating volunteers, and communicating excitement in astronomy.

The advisory committee will also be valuable in the creation of a new Dragon Observatory Website and planning our first star-gazing night. If you are a community member and happen to be an amateur astronomer, have experience with construction or have a love for space and want to help, please contact Dr. Rene’ Moses, Secondary Science Coordinator at