Sunday, December 3, 2023

Dragon Swimmers Race Past St. Mark’s on Senior Night

The Dragon boys’ swimmers and divers defeated St. Mark’s 220-98 on Senior Night on Thursday. The Lady Dragons competed in an intrasquad and finished the regular season 11-0. The boys finished 12-0. The next competition is the District 10-6A championships.

Diving will be held Thursday, Jan. 21 at Grapevine.
Swimming will be held Friday. Jan. 22 at Allen.

Top 3 relay finishes for the Dragon Boys included:
1st 200 med relay 1:39.18 with Alex Moraru, Evan Kolde, Daniel Balint and Landon Armstrong
3rd 200 med relay 1:40.42 with Sean Murphy, Logan Davis, Kevin Repice and Griffin Rea
2nd 200 free relay 1:28.59 with Landon Armstrong, Evan Kolde, Griffin Rea and Landon Jensen
3rd 200 free relay  1:33.13 with Zach Lowery, Logan Henry, Sean Murphy and Eric Hart
1st 400 free relay  3:21.86 with Kevin Repice, Logan Henry, Alex Moraru and Daniel Balint
3rd 400 free relay 3:25.94 with Eric Hart, Gavin Springs, Jaykob Williams and Logan Davis

Top 3 relay finishes for the Dragon Girls included:
1st 200 med relay 1:53.54 with Nasha Luevit, Rachel Luevit, Madelynn Tung and Amelia Rusli
2nd 200 med relay 1:55.32 with Miranda Faust, Olivia Coffey, Any Ittiruck and Spencer Dockal
3rd 200 med relay 1:59.79 with Amanda Piyapanee, Natalie Gessner, Elizabeth Nguyen and Cristina Moraru
1st 200 free relay 1:43.82 with Amelia Rusli, Olivia Coffey, Spencer Dockal and Sydney Balint
2nd 200 free relay 1:45.17 with Rachel Leuvit, Chantal Meyer, Any Ittiruck and Nasha Luevit
3rd 200 med relay 1:47.89 with Madelynn Tung, Alden Sadler, Elizabeth Nguyen and Lauren Clay
1st 400 free relay 3:46.95 with Amelia Rusli, Rachel Luevit, Anya Ittiruck and Madelynn Tung
2nd 400 free relay  3:49.16 with Chantal Meyer, Nasha Luevit, Olivia Coffey and Sydney Balint
3rd 400 free relay 4:01.09 with Spencer Dockal, Amanda Piyapanee, Abby Cosenza and Kayley DeGrappo

Top 4 individual finishers for the Dragon Boys included:

200 free     1st Landon Armstrong 1:46.16

                 2nd Eric Hart   1:48.82

                 3rd Logan Henry   1:49.05

                 4th  Jaykob Williams  1:51.59

200 IM       1st Logan Davis   1:59.75

                 2nd  Kevin Repice  2:00.40

                 3rd  Sean Murphy   2:03.52

                 4th  Jack VandeBerg  2:07.39

50 free       2nd Landon Jensen  22.57

                 3rd  Griffin Rea    22.58

                 4th Evan Kolde    22.66

100 fly        1st  Daniel Balint 53.67

                  2nd Alex Moraru   54.28

                  3rd Kevin Repice  54.41

                  4th  Logan Davis  55.03

100 free       2nd Landon Armstrong  48.40

                  3rd Landon Jensen   48.59      PR

                  4th  Griffin Rea      49.05  season best

500 free      1st  Eric Hart   4:48.78

                  2nd Logan Henry   4:58.47

                  3rd  Mason Kelber   5:16.25

100 back     1st Alex Moraru    55.81

                  2nd Gavin Springs  56.93

                  3rd Jack VandeBerg  57.23

                  4th  JJ Reed    59.01

100 breast   1st  Evan Kolde  57.43   **New Dragon HS Pool Record

                  4th  Daniel Balint  1:03.89

Diving         1st Nate Hernandez  361.10   **New Dragon HS Pool Record

                  2nd CJ Durant  242.15

                  3rd Andrew Walker  217.95

                  4th Luke McFarland  149.40


Top 4 individual finishers for the Dragon Girls included:

200 free       1st Madelynn Tung  1:59.88

                  2nd Rachel Luevit 2:01.63

                   3rd  Sydney Balint  2:05.94

                   4th Ashley Woods  2:06.39

200 IM         1st Amelia Rusli  2:15.60   PR

                   2nd Natalie Gessner  2:22.45

                   3rd  Olivia Coffey  2:22.58

                   4th  Sarah Amosson  2:30.03

50 free         1st Nasha Luevit 26.49

                   2nd Spencer Dockal  26.59

                   3rd Lauren Clay  26.82

                   4th Alden Sadler  27.20

100 fly          1st Anya Ittiruck  58.51

                    2nd Chantal Meyer  1:01.20

                    3rd  Elizabeth Nguyen  1:03.76

                    4th  Katelyn Johnson  1:03.83

100 free        1st Abby Cosenza  58.44

                    2nd Lauren Clay  59.04

                    3rd Rachel Boeck  59.81

                    4th  Paige Williams  1:00.63

500 free        1st  Ashley Woods  5:23.62   PR

                    2nd  Cristina Moraru   5:42.35

100 back        1st Miranda Faust  1:04.77

                     2nd Abby Cosenza  1:05.58

                     3rd  Amanda Piyapanee  1:06.26

                     4th  Lauren Spielvogel  1:10.58

100 breast      1st Natalie Gessner   1:13.20

                     2nd  Elizabeth Nguyen  1:15.27

                     3rd  Sarah Amosson  1:15.57

                     4th  Katie Nedrow  1:16.47

Diving            1st Summer Westover   235.50

                     2nd Sloane Papa   227.05

                     3rd  Maddy Keiser  226.10