Friday, September 22, 2023

K-9 Duco Retires from the Southlake Police Department

On March 7th, 2023, the City Council recognized the retirement of K-9 officer Duco, as presented by Police Chief James Brandon.

Duco is an 11-year old Dutch Shephard that came to the Southlake Police Department from the Netherlands in February of 2015.  He was partnered with Officer Nate Anderson and together they have been responsible for tracking felons, numerous drug busts, and apprehending criminals, as displayed by his mutual aid with the Colleyville Police Department two weeks ago.

Duco has been a partner that is an excellent interpreter of aggression, intent, body language, and energy.  He has been trusted to interpret these intentions and react appropriately in any situation.

“When I’m told that Duco and Officer Anderson have been deployed in Southlake or one of our surrounding cities, I don’t feel apprehensive,” Chief Brandon said.  “I immediately feel confident that the situation will be handled appropriately.  We can simply do no better than Duco and Officer Anderson.”

Although Duco is retiring, Officer Anderson will soon receive another partner and continue in his capacity as a K-9 handler.

“Duco has been a match for me the moment we crossed paths,” Officer Anderson said.  “He elevated me as a handler and allowed me to experience and accept challenges that were far outside my comfort zones.”

Chief Brandon, speaking on behalf of a grateful City and Police Department, wished Duco a great retirement of “ear scratches and tennis balls.”

Meet K-9 Duco – The newest addition to the Southlake Police Dept.

K-9 Officer DucoMeet K-9 Duco – the latest addition to the Southlake Police Department. Duco is a 3-year old male Dutch Shepherd originally from the Netherlands. K-9 Duco is trained in narcotics, apprehension and tracking. He was purchased using Crime Control and Prevention District funds. He replaces K-9 Ruckus who was medically retired earlier this year.

Sergeant Gaylon Music, who is over the K-9 program, and K-9 Officer Nate Anderson traveled to U.S. K-9 Unlimited in Kaplan, Louisiana in January in search of the perfect police dog. Prior to visiting the kennel, Officer Anderson had received bios and pictures of all of the available potential K-9’s that he would be testing. Officer Anderson saw Duco and knew instantly that he was the right choice to be his next partner. “I wanted Duco the minute I saw him. After watching him in training I knew that he had all the right qualities that I was looking for in a great K-9. He is already proving that he will be a great crime-fighting partner.” IMG_9482

Officer Anderson and Duco hit the streets this month and continue to train and develop the bond necessary for a police officer and his K-9 partner. Duco will be outfitted with a brand new K-9 bullet resistant vest thanks to a generous donation.  Mr. Von Husbands, who is the owner of Red Barn BBQ in Colleyville, provided the vest. Husbands says, “I decided to donate the money for the cost of the vest after watching the funeral for a K-9 police dog that was killed in the line of duty in Oklahoma.  It really touched me and I wanted to do something – that’s when I got the idea for the vest for Southlake’s K-9 dog.” Assistant Police Chief James Brandon says, “We are very grateful to Mr. Husbands for his generous donation that allowed the department to purchase a bullet-resistant vest for Duco.”   IMG_9506

The K-9 program has proved to be invaluable to the Southlake Police Department.  SLPD K-9 unit has successfully detected narcotics in vehicles as well as assisted in locating suspects that have fled from Officers. Assistant Police Chief J. Brandon says, “Duco will be a great asset to the Southlake Police Department family. K-9 Officer Anderson and Duco are already working together to help keep our citizens safer.”