Saturday, September 23, 2023

Get Charged Up at The Marq. New Charging Stations Coming to Champions Club

When Champions Club at The Marq Southlake opens, you’ll be able to charge more than your body. New electric vehicle charging stations will let you power up your car.

At the September 4th City Council meeting, Council approved a Specific Use Permit for an electric charging station to be installed at Champions Club. The one public electric vehicle charging station, with two dedicated parking spots, will be placed near the entrance in the west parking lot. The Level 2 dual head EV charging station is a single unit with connectors to charge two vehicles simultaneously. It can fully charge some vehicles in less than four hours, charging at a maximum rate of 25 RPH (miles of Range Per Hour).  All vehicle models, including Tesla, will be able to use the stations.

Like the charging stations already located in Town Square, the charging stations will have a $2 fee for each use of the station.

“We’re happy to partner with our electric provider to install charging stations in key public spaces like Champions Club,” notes Assistant City Manager Ben Thatcher. “Along with the charging stations already in the parking garages in Town Square, we are excited to provide more charging options in other parts of Southlake. The City recognizes there are more and more electric vehicles on our roadways. This is a program we’d like to grow, so we are always looking at where it would be appropriate to add more charging stations in public spaces.”

The charging station will be operational and ready to go with the opening of Champions Club sometime late this year.

New Electric Vehicle Charging Station Fee Starts Nov. 1

Starting November 1, 2017 electric vehicle (EV) drivers will pay a $2 flat fee to charge their vehicles in Southlake.

In October 2016, the first EV charging station opened on the first floor of the West parking garage. This past summer a second location, with two charging stations, was added to the first floor of the East parking garage.

The Level 2 dual head ChargePoint charging stations allow for two vehicles to be charged simultaneously. They charge at a maximum rate of 25 RPH (miles of Range Per Hour), and stations can fully charge some vehicles in less than four hours.

Southlake City Council approved the flat fee at the September 19 City Council meeting to offset the electricity cost to the City.

Charging station customers must have a ChargePoint account and will be able to use the ChargePoint app or their flex pay account to pay the fee. ChargePoint app allows customers to search a map of the area for charging locations with rate and hours of operation information.

Nearly all electric cars currently on the market are compatible with the ChargePoint chargers. Providing electrical charging stations around the City is a Tier 1 project in the Southlake 2030 Mobility Master Plan.