Friday, April 12, 2024

Cool Reads for Hot Days

Just because the school year is ending, doesn’t mean that learning has to stop. Students who don’t continue reading over the summer are likely to lose ground. Before the lure of a sunny day takes over, parents should formulate a plan to keep their children reading during the summer months.

According to the American Library Association, parents can encourage reading by: 

  • Making a time and a place for reading in your home and encourage talking about reading in your family.
  • Taking advantage of “waiting” time to share books: on trips, at the doctor’s office, in line at the grocery store.
  • Setting a good example – read on your own.
  • Allowing your child to select books to read and be aware of your child’s reading interests.
  • Giving books as presents.
  • When preparing for family road trips, stock up on audio books from your library. Let your children choose some stories to listen to in the car. Have family members share favorite ghost stories and/or adventure stories around the campfire at picnics and on camping trips.
  • Signing up for a summer reading program at the local library or book retailer

For parents who have a child who’d rather pick up a video game remote or an iPad than a book, try electronic books and computer-based programs that help develop and reinforce reading skills. Look online for electronic books. Many local libraries provide free access to children’s books that can be viewed on a computer. And a number of retailers sell books for handheld devices, like smart phones and e-readers. For kids who love gadgets, using an e-reader can make reading cool.

Although CISD elementary school children do not have a list of required reading material, the district has created a list of reading suggestions. Click to view First Grade, Second Grade, Third Grade, Fourth Grade and Texas Bluebonnet Award NomineesIn addition, there is a link on the district’s website for the summer reading assignments for grades 5-12.