Friday, September 22, 2023

Water Flow Back to Southlake System

In the early hours this morning, water started flowing back into the Southlake water system. This is great news but we want to remind everyone that a boil water notice remains in effect. It could be up to a week before the boil notice can be rescinded because the City will need to take the necessary steps to ensure water quality. This will involve performing tasks such as water sampling, flushing, etc. to meet regulatory requirements. We are hoping to quickly complete these processes, but we must follow these procedures for public safety.

We have prepared information that can be found on the city website to include what to expect as water service is returned, how to deal with a water leak or broken pipe, and even information about how to select a contractor/plumber should you need it.

If you do not yet have water service, please note that it may take time to make its way through the water system. Unless we experience a problem, water is on its way.

There is more information to come as we work to get back to normal. If you are able, please visit for more information. We will continue to update you as we go through the day. The weather and power outages may pose some challenges, but it’s a step in the right direction. Thanks for your patience.

Southlake Renews StormReady Designation

Storm Ready SignAs the City and the Country enters severe weather season for 2014, all of us have already been reminded that severe weather can strike any place at anytime. To mitigate the impact of severe weather, the City of Southlake has reaffirmed its commitment to being a prepared and resilient community by renewing its status as a StormReady Community.

StormReady is a federal program through the National Weather Service that forms a partnership with local communities. This partnership is the foundation of the StormReady program that ensures not only the City of Southlake is prepared for severe weather, but also that we have worked with the National Weather Service to build a strong partnership. Part of the relationship building process included a tour of the National Weather Service facility in Fort Worth and an invitation to the National Weather Service to view Southlake’s emergency operations center.  In addition to site visits, the National Weather Service will be sharing their expertise on storm spotting with the volunteer groups in Southlake during a special presentation on May 29th.

In order to receive the StormReady designation, the City of Southlake had to meet several requirements that support severe weather preparedness. The National Weather Service reviewed our local warning point function, the emergency operations center, the mechanisms we use to receive severe weather forecasts, the methods we use to alert the public about severe weather, how we provide public outreach to train and prepare for severe weather, and that we account for severe weather in our comprehensive emergency operations plan. 

(Left to right) Ben Williamson, Mark Fox, and Mayor John Terrell at the City Council Meeting on May 6, 2014 when Council formally accepted the StormReady Community renewal.

(Left to right) Ben Williamson, Mark Fox, and Mayor John Terrell at the City Council Meeting on May 6, 2014 when Council formally accepted the StormReady Community renewal.

On Tuesday, May 6th, Mayor John Terrell and the Southlake City Council formally accepted the StormReady Community renewal from Mark Fox, Warning Coordination Meteorologist with National Weather Service. This provided a great opportunity to publicly show the preparedness efforts the City of Southlake maintains for severe weather and the efforts being made to ensure Southlake stays a resilient community.

Should you have any questions about the StormReady designation or if you would like a presentation to a group about personal preparedness, please contact the Southlake Office of Emergency Management at: or 972-781-7273.

CERT Class Learns About Disaster Medical Operations

The 2013 Southlake CERT Class reached the halfway point on Wednesday night as participants finished up the Disaster Medical Operations module. As part of the module, CERT members participated in an exercise  where they learned how to set up a disaster medical treatment area and conduct triage to assess and treat the needs of individuals that may be injured due to a disaster. These valuable skills make CERT members an important asset of our community, especially when disaster strikes

The eight-week CERT program develops a ready force of organized and trained volunteer disaster workers that operate at the neighborhood level. Experience has shown that in a disaster setting, ordinary citizens make over 80% of successful rescues as they respond to the emergency in their community. However, many untrained volunteer rescuers may actually cause harm or become injured in the process.

During the  class, participants learn about fire safety and utility controls, disaster medical operations, light search and rescue, disaster preparedness, disaster psychology, CERT organization and terrorism. The class wraps up on February 27, 2013. For more information about CERT, visit the City of Southlake CERT page. 


National Emergency Preparedness Month – Get a Kit!

An emergency can strike at any time or anywhere. Being prepared is the first step to surviving a natural disaster, fire or other emergency situation. Many families, businesses and organizations think they are ready for an emergency because they may already have most of the items they would need in their home or business. The real question to ask yourself is whether all of the necessary items are in one place, ready to “grab and go” within a moment’s notice.

When disaster strikes is not a good time to begin looking around for flashlights, blankets, or plenty of water bottles. You need an emergency kit that is already prepared with everything you will need to help you survive until help arrives.

You’ll want to prepare a large kit and a smaller one in case you need to leave your location once the disaster has passed. The emergency kits should contain enough non-perishable food and water to last at least 3 days. It should also include the following: daily prescriptions, a battery-powered radio and extra batteries, flashlight with extra batteries, complete first aid kit, filter masks, whistle (to call for help), moist towelettes (for sanitation), wrench or pliers, manual can opener, plastic sheeting and duct tape, garbage bags and infant formula and diapers if you have small children. For a complete list of items that you will need in your emergency kit, go to

As a general rule, you will need one gallon of water per person per day for drinking.  You’ll also want to include blankets or sleeping bags for each person. A family of four may want to prepare several emergency kits for those who can carry one.

Remember, planning ahead saves lives. September is National Emergency Preparedness Month. If you would like to learn more, someone from our Office of Emergency Management is offering to come to your community, school, church or business to present information to help you. To schedule a presentation, contact at or call 817-748-8624.

September is National Emergency Preparedness Month

September is National Emergency Preparedness Month and that means time to get your home, school, church or business ready in case of an emergency.  If you take some simple steps now, you will be better prepared later.

During the month of September, the City of Southlake’s DPS division will be providing valuable information and tips to help you plan ahead.  For example: Do you know every item that you should have available in an emergency kit?  Most people know they should have additional water and non-perishable food, but there are many items that you may not think about putting in your emergency kit.

Do you have a plan to get your family, students, church members and employees out of “harm’s way” safely?  It’s not enough to simply have a plan — it’s also important to practice it because you never know when an emergency will strike.  Are you prepared? Go to  and watch this Public Service Announcement.

We want you to be informed and know what to do in the event of an emergency.  Our Office of Emergency Management is offering to come to your community, school, church or business to present information to help you plan ahead.

Watch for weekly articles on to help you prepare for an emergency or for more information on National Preparedness Month or to schedule a presentation, contact the Office of Emergency Management at or call 817-748-8624.