Earlier this year, the Emergency Management Operations and Public Works Operations team members came together to best manage an emergency in the event of a natural disaster.

After several meetings and brainstorming sessions, the Rapid Response Team Trailer was born.

The team consists of essential public works and parks personnel who can assist in responding to emergency matters at a moment's notice.

The trailer comes equipped with emergency management tools that can be used anywhere, anytime, from shovels to rope, landscaping tools, and traffic management devices.

"The trailer gives us the tools to respond to a natural disaster," said Deputy Director of Public Works Jack Thompson. "He continues, "clearing roadways and mobility purposes."

The trailer also serves as a one-stop shop for essential personnel to access emergency equipment.

"It is all about mobility and making things safe for the public and the emergency responders so they can get in; even if we need to block off a road for utility companies to come and do their work, we can do that for them as well," said Thompson.

For more information, please visit www.protectsouthlake.com.

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