Due to enormous resident feedback from the February 2021 winter storm, the City of Southlake added all mobile phone numbers that are billed to Southlake addresses to Alert Southlake, our emergency notification system. All of these users will begin receiving emergency communications issued by the City of Southlake by text message, followed by a phone call if the user does not confirm receipt of the message. 

“Everbridge, our emergency notification vendor, along with resident feedback, gave us good reason to implement this new program. The technology of mobile service (cell phones) has taken over the world and is highly relied upon as 64.9% of children and 55.2% of adults have wireless service only,” City of Southlake Emergency Manager Amanda Meneses said. 

The City uses Alert Southlake to issue emergency notifications such as severe weather warnings, water service outages or other urgent public safety alerts. The mobile phone numbers will be provided by our vendor, Everbridge. 

Here’s what you need to know about Alert Southlake: 

  • The City of Southlake will now annually update mobile phone numbers that are billed to a Southlake address and publicly available landline phone numbers that include residential and business numbers, registered to a Southlake address. Previously input user preferences will be saved from year to year.  
  • All Alert Southlake accounts can update preferences, such as quiet hours, to not receive notifications during specific times. Before opting out of all notifications, it is recommended to modify the account to specific preferences. If we can reach you through an alert, we can notify you of important emergency information.  
  • You can update your account settings at any time by going to www.CityofSouthlake.com/AlertSouthlake. After setting up an account or logging in, you can update your preferences for text messages, phone calls, and emails, as well as phone numbers and addresses, or simply opt out. If you do not remember your username or password, please contact the Office of Emergency Management at 817-748-8903. 
  • Residents who choose to opt-in before this update or have already opted in will continue to receive alerts in accordance with their selected preferences. There is no need to update the existing account. If users notice a change in service, please call the Office of Emergency Management at 817-748-8903 to correct any issues. 
  • If a phone number was previously opted out of the alerts, it will not begin to receive alerts again. If users notice a change in service, please call the Office of Emergency Management to correct any issues.  
  • If a user has previously opted out of the Alert Southlake system with their mobile number and would like to begin receiving emergency alerts, send a text with the word RESUME to 87844 or go to www.CityofSouthlake.com/AlertSouthlake to login and opt in.  
  • Your contact information provided for Alert Southlake will be used for notification purposes only. We will not give or sell your contact or location information to any vendor or other organization.  
  • The Office of Emergency Management is available for questions at 817-748-8903 or by email at OEM@CityofSouthlake.com 

“With our opt-in campaigns, we were only reaching about 25-40% of our resident population. With this new resident connection update, we will be able to communicate emergency information effectively and efficiently with 60% or more of Southlake residents with the push of a button,” Meneses said. 

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