Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Southlake Departments of Safety Wins a 2022 Silver Circle Award

The Southlake Departments of Safety received the 2022 Silver Circle Award from the City-County Communications and Marketing Association (3CMA) for their video on emergency preparedness. The national award was presented at the 3CMA Annual Conference in September 2022.

This year’s theme, “Blazing a New Trail: Exploring the Communication Landscape,” was inspired by challenges communities have faced over the past two years, as well as utilizing new routes for communicating, educating, and informing them.

The video, “Prepare Right Now for Your Home,” was part of a severe weather awareness campaign. It was designed to capture people’s attention and empower them to help spread the word about emergency preparedness and knowing what to do when a storm hits.

As emergency management staff rocked out to a parody of the 1980s rock band duo Heart’s song “Alone,” they informed citizens about safety and preparedness.

“With the Facebook audience primarily being 35-44 years old and nostalgic of the ‘good ole days, the idea to create emergency management videos in the style of 80s rock bands was formed,” Southlake DPS Public Information Officer, Brad Uptmore said.

The video became an instant hit! Within two weeks, it had over 63,000 views and was featured on local newscasts. It also caught the eye of the legends themselves, Ann and Nancy Wilson.

Judges praised the video and the way creators were able to take a “typical emergency management preparedness message and completely own it and make it relevant for their audience.” They also commended the team on the graphics, creative use of song lyrics, and overall campaign.

As part of the video, Fire Chief Michael Starr also made his rock and roll debut. He believes the message of safety and preparedness reached a wide audience.

He stated, “We serve the citizens of Southlake, but this video was broad enough to reach everyone, no matter where they live.”

The national 3CMA Savvy awards utilize judges from across the United States and recognize outstanding local government achievements in communications, public-sector marketing, citizen-government relationships, and salute skilled and effective city, county, agency, and district professionals who have creatively planned and carried out successful innovations in communications and marketing.

For more information on how you can prepare for emergencies, visit the Office of Emergency Management’s, “Get Prepared” page.

Watch the award-winning video below:

National Preparedness Month Creates Ideal Planning Opportunity for Residents

As we wrap up National Preparedness Month, it is important to remember that everyone has the power to prepare for disasters. By taking advantage of the information we have presented this month, you can fully prepare your family with an emergency kit, a plan that includes communications, and an understanding of any local hazards.

We want you to know that the City of Southlake also prepares, and we have an entire office dedicated to it. Since June, Emergency Management has led the City’s Executive Leadership Team and Emergency Preparedness Matrix Team in updating the City’s Emergency Operations Plan (EOP). As part of this comprehensive plan, the city intends to use all available resources to protect its citizens during hazardous incidents, major emergencies, and disasters that may threaten public health, safety, and property. There are a number of components to the EOP, ranging from alerting and warning citizens to shelter and mass care to emergency public information and response to terrorist incidents.

“Having an updated and effective plan is like having a playbook established before we even know which game we are playing,” says Amanda Meneses. “Our plans give us the proven framework for a response, and are created when we are all thinking with a level and calm head, not in the heat of the moment.”

Over the last three years, the City has used the EOP to respond to COVID-19, the 2021 winter storm, and the DalDen HAZMAT fire to just name a few. We looked at best practices and areas of improvement to incorporate into the plan in order to provide the best response to citizens.

“Our plan is created with an all-hazards approach so that we can respond effectively and efficiently no matter what the emergency,” says Meneses. “My hope is that every family has a plan they feel just as confident about.”

To learn more about how to prepare your family even further, visit the Office of Emergency Management’s “Get Prepared” page or call 817-748-8903.