In the early hours this morning, water started flowing back into the Southlake water system. This is great news but we want to remind everyone that a boil water notice remains in effect. It could be up to a week before the boil notice can be rescinded because the City will need to take the necessary steps to ensure water quality. This will involve performing tasks such as water sampling, flushing, etc. to meet regulatory requirements. We are hoping to quickly complete these processes, but we must follow these procedures for public safety.

We have prepared information that can be found on the city website to include what to expect as water service is returned, how to deal with a water leak or broken pipe, and even information about how to select a contractor/plumber should you need it.

If you do not yet have water service, please note that it may take time to make its way through the water system. Unless we experience a problem, water is on its way.

There is more information to come as we work to get back to normal. If you are able, please visit for more information. We will continue to update you as we go through the day. The weather and power outages may pose some challenges, but it’s a step in the right direction. Thanks for your patience.

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