Thursday, June 30, 2022

Customer Self-Service Portal to be Down Due to Upgrade

UPDATE DECEMBER 6, 4:38 P.M.: The Customer Self-Service portal is still updating. We are working with our vendor to provide more information such as a timeline for when the system will be available. We apologize for the inconvenience.



Due to a system upgrade, the Customer Self-Service portal, the online system used for water payments and to request building inspections, will be offline beginning Thursday, December 2 through Sunday, December 5. The system is expected to be back up on Monday, December 6. 

We apologize for the temporary inconvenience while we work on innovative ways to make our service better! 

During this time, users will be unable to use the water payment portal or the EnerGov portal used to request building inspections. This upgrade is expected to make the software faster and easier to use.  

If you need to make a water payment during this time, please mail your payment, come to the Southlake Water Utilities Office located in Town Hall, or use the after-hours drop box located in the breezeway between Origins and L’Occitane. Payments over the phone are not currently accepted by the office. 

Due to the timing of the outage with the December 5 water payment due date, the 10% late fee will not be assessed for late payments. For questions about payments, please call Southlake Water Utilities at 817-748-8051. 

If you need a building inspection during this time, please call the Building Inspections Office at 817-748-8236 or 817-748-8237. Please have your permit number, address, inspection type and other relevant information available when you call. 

Request a Permit Through Our Self-Service Portal

The City understands the importance of customer service and wants the community to have access to request a permit and request inspections online, from the comfort of their home.

EnerGov Customer Self-Service is a multi-faceted site used for permitting and scheduling inspections. The site allows customers to pay fees, check inspection results, apply for all building permits and upload plans.

The site also allows customers to request an inspection on an existing record, review a map of ongoing activity in their neighborhood and search public records on existing permits, plans, inspections, code cases and more.

Customers can access the site 24/7 to retrieve information or handle business right from the comfort of their own home.

If you need assistance in signing up or navigating the system, step-by-step instructions are available on the Online Permitting and Inspections webpage.

For more information about the EnerGov Customer Self-Service website, contact Planning and Development Services Building and Inspections Division online or call 817-748-8236.

The City’s Online Permitting and Inspection System “EnerGov” is Getting an Upgrade!

On Thursday, June 25, the City of Southlake Planning and Development Services (PDS) Department will upgrade their online permitting and inspections system called EnerGov, which is specifically designed to automate and centrally connect critical processes, including permitting, planning, inspections, code enforcement, engineering and more. Currently, customers can apply for permits, pay fees and schedule inspections all online.

Click here to connect to the online portal.

The upgrade allows external users to access more information about their specific permits and plans and simplifies the application and registration process. In addition, the upgrade provides a ‘Forgot your Username?’ feature and fixes previous software bugs.

To ensure EnerGov continues to provide simple and streamlined processes for customers, the PDS Department plans to continue upgrading the software to enhance the eReview capability and to allow external users to apply for professional licenses online.

“The upgrade allows the customer to do more from home or the office related to permit and plan applications and eliminate the need for customers to come to Town Hall to conduct business,” Ken Baker, Director of Planning and Development said. “Optimizing this system is key to providing quality customer service by making the permit application process simple.”

The EnerGov system is scheduled to be offline from 12 p.m. – 8 p.m. on Thursday, June 25 to allow for the upgrade and post implementation testing.

Learn more about EnerGov here. For questions about EnerGov or how it functions, please contact the PDS – Building Inspections Division at 817-748-8236 or 817-748-8237.

Southlake to Unveil New Online Permitting Software

On Tuesday, March 27 the City of Southlake will launch a new online land management software called EnerGov for online permitting, development projects and code enforcement.

If you’re a builder, contractor or developer intending to request a building or construction permit in the coming weeks, there are some important dates and changes you need to know about.

Wednesday, March 21 (8:30 – 10:00 a.m.) Energov Training Session

You are invited to join City staff for breakfast and a training session about the new permitting and inspections software. It will take place on Wednesday, March 21 from 8:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. in the third-floor training rooms of Town Hall.

Wednesday, March 21 (5:00 p.m.) The City’s current online permitting system goes offline

During the transition from the current software to Energov, the online system will not be available starting 5:00 p.m. Wednesday, March 21 until 8:00 a.m. Tuesday, March 27. Those needing permits during this time are encouraged to come in person to the City of Southlake Building Inspections office located in Suite 250 on the second floor of Southlake Town Hall during normal business hours (8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday).

To schedule inspections from 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, March 21 through 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday, March 27 please call the inspection requests phone line at (817) 748-8214.

Single trade permit applications can be faxed to (817) 748-8241 or emailed to Applications are available on the City’s website. Also during this three-business-day time period in which data is being transferred to the new software system, applicants applying for a permit may only pay by cash or check. Credit cards will not be accepted until the transition to the new system is complete.

Tuesday, March 27 (8:00 a.m.) The City’s new online permitting system is up and running

“The new software allows users to digitally submit, track reviews, pay fees and schedule inspections for civil and building-related permits,” said Ken Baker, Senior Director of Planning and Development Services. “All it takes is an Energov sign-in to be able to see and keep track of all of your permits and cases.”

As the Planning & Development Services Department and the Public Works Engineering Division moves toward paperless submittals, the new software will bring about greater efficiency. “The new software is more user-friendly and will help streamline the development permit process,” added Baker.

If you have any questions, please contact the Building Inspections Division at (817) 748-8236 or (817) 748-8237.