School is back in session, and it’s time for the kiddos to return to a learning mindset. Kids that can’t get enough science subjects in school are in luck because our Fall programming roster is full STEAM ahead!

The need for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) professionals is growing. The best time to get kids interested in STEAM professions is when they are young. Early exposure to STEAM fields prepares students for successful careers. In addition, it encourages curiosity, increases problem-solving skills, and introduces project-based learning. Our world-class programming staff carefully curated a Fall schedule full of STEAM program opportunities to supplement what they learn in the classroom in a fun and engaging way.

Here are some of the incredible STEAM programs available this Fall:

  •  iCode Tech Club- Coding, Game Development & Robotics
  • Super Hero vs. Super Villain Science
  • Bubble Smoke & Crazy Chemworks
  • Mad Machines & 3D Inventions
  • Responsive Robotics with Cubelets
  • Bot Builders with Cubelets
  • STEAM Lab- Minecraft Epic-Workshop
  • STEAM Lab- Scientists- Workshop
  • STEAM Lab- Amusement Park Engineering- Workshop
  • STEAM Lab- Brick Art + Designing with Machines- Workshop
  • Kinderbots
  • Mining & Building Epic
  • Mining & Building- Mini Camp
  • Animation Studio- Minecraft Themed- Mini Camp
  • Mega Machines Robotics- Camp
  • Brick City & Transportation
  • Pokemania- Camp
  • Atoms, Molecules & Matter
  • Chemical Reactions & Explosions
  • Cells & the Life Cycle
  • Water & Its Properties

With so many mind-expanding programs to choose from, your kiddo will discover a newfound love for STEAM! Learn more about each of these classes and register here.

When it comes to providing a multitude of services from one central department, Public Works comes to mind.

The department plays a vital role in distributing services that contribute to the quality of life for our residents, businesses and visitors from quality infrastructure to water quality and mobility.

They also provide safety and security by taking protective measures to reduce infrastructure risk within the City of Southlake.

“Our professionals take great pride in serving the citizens of Southlake,” Director of Public Works Rob Cohen said. “We implement the Southlake standard when it comes to taking care of City’s infrastructure needs, maintaining mobility and providing our customers with safe drinking water. Our team is well-versed and trained; it is a true honor and privilege serving alongside our public works professionals.”

There are several divisions of Public Works that contribute to the health and safety our community: Environmental Services, Streets and Drainage, Wastewater, Water, Mobility, Facilities, Engineering and Administration.

All divisions are staffed with knowledgeable professionals who are dedicated to providing the Southlake community with world-class service by protecting the public’s interest and improving quality infrastructure.

The Environmental Services Division promotes environmental wellness through public awareness, resource conversation and programs. Their ultimate goal is to protect public health by utilizing regulatory programs in addition to public education to teach others how to utilize the environment’s natural resources through storm water management, as well as Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) and water conservation programs.

The Streets and Drainage Division maintains the City’s infrastructure including roadways, stormwater infrastructure, and sidewalks. They oversee 209 miles of streets and 36 miles of drainage ditches, gutters, street curbs and medians. This division is often the first division called to assist first responders with blocked roadways from flooding, downed trees, debris or other disaster relief.

The Wastewater Division manages the daily operations of Southlake’s sewer system. They repair and perform preventative maintenance on over 200 miles of wastewater pipeline in addition to 13 lift stations. Staff also inspects and maintains over 3,000 manholes. Their tasks are required to be in compliance with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality’s (TCEQ) and most staff members are licensed in TCEQ Wastewater Collections.

The Water Division serves as the infrastructure side of Southlake Water Utilities. This team covers more than 11,314 water accounts, three major pump stations capable of processing more than 26 million gallons of water daily, storage tanks with a capacity of 21 million gallons of water per day, 302 miles of distribution pipe, 2,838 fire hydrants and 7,764 water valves. If customers have an interest in conserving water, the City offers programs and services that allow customers to conserve water and detect leaks in their water systems.

The Mobility Division is centered around mobility project management. The Traffic Team is responsible for roadway safety that includes signal operation, school zones and crosswalks. The division also works with regional partners in an effort to improve mobility.

The Facilities Division is responsible for all preventative maintenance on City buildings and structures. The team oversees almost 1 million gross square feet of infrastructure such as buildings and parking garages. They also coordinate project management for capital renovations and assist in planning future buildings.

The Administrative and Engineering Division oversees the planning, design and construction of the Capital Improvement Program, as well as identifies, manages and oversees infrastructure projects in Southlake.

Visit our website for more information about the Public Works Department.

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