Saturday, December 2, 2023

Introducing the LiveFit LiveWell Lecture Series

The LiveFit Southlake Wellness Challenge is being extended to include a series of health talks by Executive Medicine of Texas. The new LiveFit/LiveWell summer lecture series will be offered free of charge to Southlake and surrounding city residents beginning in June.

Wellness has become the focus for many cities throughout the United States. Each program is a little different, but leave it to Southlake, Texas to bring forth a unique program that includes an extra emphasis on health education. Couple Southlake’s strive for excellence with Executive Medicine of Texas’ reputation for world class medical care, and you have a program like non-other.

In 2015, the City of Southlake started their LiveFit Wellness Challenge which included walks with Mayor Laura Hill through their many city parks, a health fair, and a 5k run. The emphasis was on getting outside and increasing physical activity, not only on an individual level, but as a family. The Live Fit program was successful from the beginning, with an end of season run with 300 members. “The addition of lectures, is what makes LiveFit/LiveWell a great partnership that will benefit so many people,” states Mayor Hill.

The lectures are presented by the physicians and wellness experts at Executive Medicine of Texas, a preventative and proactive medical practice that has won awards for their wellness programs and published books. The lecturers also host the nationally syndicated Staying Young Radio Show, where they educate people from coast to coast on a daily basis through Stay Young Medical Minutes and their long form show. They are able to bring that same energy to the LiveFit/LiveWell summer program. Mayor Hill commented, “I am excited to see the lecture series added to our city’s health initiative. LiveFit/LiveWell is a great way to educate – and education is always the best way to drive change.”

The LiveFit/LiveWell lecture series is schedule to start in June and end in August and will be held at The Marq, located at 285 Shady Oaks Drive. The complete list of dates and speaking topics include:

Thursday, June 9th
“Grocery Store Must Haves for Longer Life” presented by Walter Gaman, MD, FABFPYou are what you eat. Our processed and packaged foods are causing serious health issues. It’s time to get back to basics. Learn which foods improve memory, weight loss, arthritis, and make you look and feel much younger.

Thursday, June 23rd
“No Guts No Glory: Understanding Your Microbiome” presented by Mark Anderson, MD, DABFP
New research shows that gut health is the key to preventing most diseases, maintaining a healthy weight, and living a long and healthy life. Learn what you need to keep your microbiome healthy and what things you need to avoid.

Thursday, July 14th
“Simplify – Getting the Penny out of Your Eye” presented by Judy Gaman, BSHS, MSPS
Have you ever over complicated even the simplest things in life? Stress is a leading cause of disease and ultimately death. Learn how to put things in perspective and reduce stress, techniques that may just save your life.

Thursday, July 28th
“Inflammation: Putting out the Fire that Causes Disease” presented by Walter Gaman, MD, FABFP
Inflammation has now been scientifically linked to everything from heart disease to Alzheimer’s disease. In order to prevent it, you need to understand it. Learn what causes inflammation, how to reduce it, and what it means to your future.

Thursday, August 11th
“Hormones and Your Brain” presented by Mark Anderson, MD, DABFP
Feeling a little foggy lately? Gaining weight and lacking energy? Too many people are being misdiagnosed and put on medications they don’t need. Learn the symptoms, proper diagnosis, and available treatments for hormone imbalances. This talk is for both men and women.

Thursday, August 25th
“Genetics, Epigenetics, and Mindset: The Secrets to Longevity” by Judy Gaman, BSHS, MSPS
Secrets to a long and healthy life, may be in your genes, but they don’t tell the whole story. Learn what the research tells us about longevity, coupled with the experiences and accounts of multiple people who have lived past their 100th birthday.

As doctor Mark Anderson explains, “Each time we give a lecture, we make it fun and interactive. Medical and health information doesn’t need to be dry, it should be informative and educational. Our goal is to engage the community and help them take control of their own health.”

In addition to the venue, the City of Southlake is also providing childcare from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm for parents attending the lectures. Residents of the City of Southlake and surrounding cities are welcome to attend. Refreshments are served and registration begins at 5:30 pm. The one hour lectures begin promptly at 6:00 pm. Other sponsors for Live Fit/Live Well include Southlake Style Magazine and Central Market in Southlake.

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