Saturday, March 2, 2024

Dragon Siblings Receive Surprise Visit at School

After serving the past 16 months in Africa, Capt Johnny Marshall of Southlake surprised both of his sons at school, Wednesday, Jan. 8. Carroll ISD students and brothers Jake and Zack Marshall each received an unexpected visit from their father during class.

Capt. Marshall arrived at DFW International Airport in the morning and made a direct trip to his son’s campuses. First he surprised Jake, a sixth grader at Eubanks Intermediate during his P.E. class. Principal Deena Steeber led the Captain, accompanied by close family members to the gym.

Next, Marshall and family headed over to Dawson Middle School and surprised Zack a seventh grader, during his class. The reunion was so emotional, the entire classroom erupted in applause.

The family left Dawson Middle School, amid a patriotic show of support by Principal Ryan Wilson, students and staff members. The entire event was a hero’s welcome home with his family at his side.