Sunday, December 3, 2023

New Feedback Form on

An important feature has been added to the City’s website: a feedback form that automatically displays on the home page and is easily accessible on every page via a pencil icon (located on the right side).

The easy-to-use form is recognizable by “How are we doing?” at the top with a series of five emoji-style icons below, which represent an overall 1-5 rating system based on expressions. Love the website? Click the smiley face on the far right. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Convey your sentiments with a frown. A place for specific comments is at the bottom of the form.  NOTE: All submissions are anonymous unless someone chooses to leave their name and/or contact information in the comment section.

According to Pilar Schank, deputy director of communications, the feedback form is an important tool to measure the effectiveness of the redesigned, responsive website that was launched in the spring.

“City of  Southlake is our most utilized source of information for residents, businesses and visitors. It’s critical for us to know what’s working, what’s not and how it can be improved,” states Schank, noting that she has already received suggestions that have resulted in improvements being made to the site.

“Our goal is always to provide the best customer service 24/7, which is why we’ve placed tremendous energy and resources into developing a website that is informational, visually appealing on multiple devices, and provides the information people are seeking.”

With a mission of providing outstanding value and quality to residents and businesses in Southlake, the City realizes the importance of customer service, both in person and online. This is why the City unveiled its new, mobile-ready (also known as “responsive”) website March 28, which offers information, resources and tools easily accessible on a desktop, tablet or smartphone.

The new online portal features community images, updated navigation menus, and interactive tools designed to facilitate quick access to information – most notably being a “How Can We Help You?” search bar at the top of every page.

To tour the City’s website, and to give your feedback go to