Thursday, August 5, 2021

Measures to Maintain Water Quality Underway

You may have noticed the flushing of fire hydrants across the City over the last several weeks and wondered to yourself “what’s going on?”or “why is the City doing that?” In short, the purpose of the flushing is to maintain the quality of water during the winter months or periods of low consumption by ensuring that the water doesn’t stagnate or collect potentially harmful elements.

We aren’t alone in doing this. The City of Fort Worth recently sent out information regarding the flushing of their system as a preventative measure to maintain drinking water quality. In addition, a number of their 29 water customer cities (of which Southlake is one) are undertaking similar measures.

All in all, it’s a necessary practice to ensure the integrity of the City’s drinking water and, because of that, the City will continue to flush the hydrants as needed.

For questions and comments, please contact the Public Works Department Water Division at 817-748-8079 or utilize the Public Works “Contact the Director” form located here.