Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Southlake Firefighters Fill-the-Boot for MDA

Beginning today through the end of June, Southlake Firefighters will be pulling double duty for a great cause! The Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) Fill-the-Boot campaign kicked off this morning with firefighters hitting the streets with boots in hand.

The Southlake Fire Department is proud to have a long tradition of participating in the MDA campaign. Over the years, firefighters have raised tens-of-thousands of dollars thanks to your generous donations. It’s important to note that all of the money collected will serve the greater Tarrant County area. Your donations will help fund research for MDA; provide medical equipment; motorized chairs for children; and a week at the MDA Summer Camp for kids. The summer camp allows children with neuromuscular diseases the opportunity to just have fun and be a kid with other kids like them. The camp provides parents with peace of mind knowing their children are in great hands with caregivers who are dedicated health professionals and trained camp volunteers.  It also gives parents an opportunity to spend special time with the camper’s siblings.  2013-7-10Filltheboot1

The Southlake Fire Department is honored to be a part of the MDA Fill-the-Boot campaign and to be able to give back in such a positive way. Fire Chief Mike Starr says, “The relationship between firefighters and MDA reaches far beyond Fill-the-Boot. Over the years, several Southlake Firefighters have participated as camp counselors and they have inspired other firefighters to sign up for the MDA summer camp.”

Southlake residents have always been so generous with their donations. Because of you, firefighters have collected nearly $30,000.00 in years past reaching $33,327.29 in 2014. Every dollar counts.

If you would like more information about the Muscular Dystrophy Association, or information on how you can get involved – you can find all the information you need at MDA.

For more information about Fill-the-Boot in Southlake, please contact Renni Burt at 817-748-8106.

Southlake Firefighters to the Rescue!

This is a story that will make animal lovers cheer! You’ve heard of firefighters rescuing cats from trees and dogs from frozen ponds, well, this story is about Southlake Firefighters who went above and beyond the call to rescue a Southlake resident’s beloved cat that became stuck in a storm drain.  When the call came in around 6:00 p.m. Tuesday evening (December 23rd) firefighters went to work!  cat 3

cat 2They arrived at the location, the 1300 block of Pecos Dr. within minutes. Upon arrival, firefighters could hear the faint cry of a cat trapped in a storm drain.  They are trained for confined space rescues so they were prepared for such a rescue.

They lowered one firefighter down into the manhole. It was dark and damp and visibility was limited. They could hear the cat but it had wandered an additional 250 feet further into the pipeline. Firefighters reached out to members from the City’s Public Works department who came without a moment’s hesitation. They also came equipped with a camera that could be thread down into the pipeline to see exactly where the cat was located.

As the hours ticked by, firefighters from “A” shift continued to work to reach the cat and help coax it out of the pipe.  Finally, after more than two hours and multiple firefighters working to rescue the cat, a Southlake Firefighter emerged from the manhole with the cat cradled in his hands, safe and sound.

Deputy Fire Chief Wade Carroll said, “It’s not everyday that we get rescue calls of this kind, but when we do, our training kicks in and it’s great to see how our catfirefighters responded and helped to reunite a beloved family pet with its owner.”

The reunion with the cat and its owner makes for a great early Christmas present and a very happy ending.


Firefighter/Paramedics Receive EMS Award

Southlake Firefighters/Paramedics Jay Nunnally and Steven Tanner were recently awarded the EMS Superstar Award presented by Baylor Grapevine.

Firefighter/Paramedics Jay Nunnally & Steven Tanner - pictured far right Battalion Chief/EMS Trainor Ryan Arthur

Firefighter/Paramedics Jay Nunnally & Steven Tanner – pictured far right Battalion Chief/EMS Trainer Ryan Arthur

They received this honor for their patient care efforts on June 5, 2015. Nunnally and Tanner provided emergency care to a 39-year old female who was two weeks post-partum, experiencing chest pain and having difficulty breathing. Upon further examination, they quickly recognized the patient was having a heart attack.
Firefighter/Paramedics Nunnally and Tanner immediately began advanced medical life support procedures and transported the patient to Baylor Grapevine. Based on the care rendered before arriving at the emergency room, the crew and patient were able to bypass the ER and go directly to the cardiac surgery unit.
We are thrilled to report that the patient made a full recovery and was discharged home on June 8th.
This is a great reminder for the American Heart Association & Caruth Center’s campaign called “Don’t Die of Doubt”. If you have chest pains, shortness of breath or any other signs of a heart attack call 9-1-1. A patient’s care begins the minute you make that call and patients are immediately transported from ambulance to the cardiac surgery unit. When precious minutes count call 9-1-1 … you or a loved ones life depends on immediate medical care.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. To help shed light on one of the number one causes of death in women, the Southlake Fire Department is once again participating in the Susan G. Komen campaign to raise awareness and money for cancer research.  We have designed a pink firefighter T-shirt and a baseball cap that symbolizes our support for all of the courageous breast cancer victims and survivors.    

Southlake Firefighters will be wearing pink T-shirts and caps during the month of October.  Extra shirts and baseball caps have been ordered for individuals who would also like to show their support for Breast Cancer Awareness.  All proceeds from the sale of the T-shirts and caps will go directly to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

The baseball caps are $10 and the short sleeve T-shirts are $12. If you are interested in purchasing one of these items please contact Our Community Initiatives Coordinator Renni Burt at rburt@ci.southlake.tx.us. You will need to add your full name, phone number, and the size requested.

The Southlake Fire Services Division would like to take the time to thank each and every one of you for your support in this very worthwhile effort. We feel very fortunate to have the support of our citizens and we want to take this opportunity to support others in their time of need.