Safety is a high priority for the Southlake team. The extraordinary men and women in our Police and Fire Departments are the poster children for keeping people safe, even if it requires putting themselves in harm’s way. The Public Works teams regularly test water quality. Building inspectors ensure homes are constructed according to code. In addition, the City even has a safety committee that works hard to promote workplace safety. There are many examples of city staff working routinely to protect the community’s well-being. But one of the most notable safety champions on the team is someone you may not always think of - Jenn Blackstock, the Community Services Aquatics Supervisor.

“Champions Club is all about offering fun experiences for our members,” said Chris Tribble, Director of Community Services. “But we also strongly emphasize safety. And when it comes to safety, no one is more focused and effective than Jenn Blackstock.”

A quick review of Jenn’s responsibilities shows the extent of her work:

  • Responsible for all safety training for Marq staff, including CPR/First Aid/AED certification classes, teaching lifeguard certification classes, and is responsible for First Aid and Stop the Bleed kits supplies,
  • Conducts in-service training for aquatics staff,
  • Coordinates annual review of The Marq’s Emergency Action Plan with City’s Emergency Manager,
  • Responsible for Champions Club water quality management and for providing input for City water quality checks,
  • Oversees Learn to Swim program, which provides instruction to over 1,000 participants,
  • In the process of developing and implementing the future Southlake Water Safety Program,
  • And assists with establishing and implementing the Community Services’ Incident Report Form and workflow.

“Jenn is steady as she goes, calm and level-headed; someone you can always count on in a crisis,” said Deputy Director of Community Services David Miller. “She is smart, organized, and always well-prepared. Her leadership strengthens the overall safety at Champions Club, especially in the pool and the pool area.”

For all she does to ensure that the staff and patrons of Champions Club are safe and secure, Jenn is being recognized as one of the City’s unsung heroes. Many thanks to Jenn and her team for their commitment to safety.


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