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Testing to take place at Colleyville Gas Well Site

UPDATE 8/10/2015 – The City Colleyville has provided the City of Southlake with the following update regarding recent well testing.  The updated notice reads in part:

Atlas began operations on July 5, 2015. Their original Temporary Use Permit approved in June anticipated that the work would take until August 11, 2015. Atlas requested an extension to August 31, 2015 due to some additional procedures that needed to take place to get these particular wells to flow. The extension has been approved to allow the reasonable completion of testing activities. 

Click here to see Colleyville’s notice in full.


The City of Southlake has been notified by the City of Colleyville of gas well activity which will take place on the Colleyville/Southlake border.

The letter which was received by the Southlake Planning and Development Services Department reads as follows:

An active gas well site is located within 1,500 feet of your property.  The gas well site is located at 7404 and 7504 Pleasant Run Road, and it is operated by Atlas Barnett, LLC.  A Specific Use Permit has been approved to allow for the operation of equipment and activity associated with the gas well site.  In addition, as allowed by the Specific Use Permit, a Temporary Use Permit has been approved to allow for the testing of four of the wells to see how much natural gas they are producing for the purposes of gauging well viability long term.  The temporary equipment is related to an enclosed combustor that is approximately 30 feet tall and resembles the picture below as provided by the operator:

Flaring is not permitted in the City of Colleyville, and enclosed combustion units are alternatives to flaring that attempt to produce minimal to no smoke, odor, or visible flame.  Atlas will likely begin operations the week of June 29, 2015, and will take approximately 40 days to complete (until August 11, 2015).  Other equipment or activity may be seen on the site during this time to install or operate the combustor.

The enclosed combustor will be running 24 hours per day but must comply with the City’s noise standards, and sound walls will be in place around the pad site throughout the temporary use.  Any hauling or trucking activities related to the site must be during daylight hours (between 7:00am and 7:00pm).  The City will be inspecting and monitoring the temporary use of the property to ensure that applicable regulations are being followed.  More information concerning gas well activities can be found at

Please contact Atlas at (817) 698-8000 or me if you have any questions.  I can be reached at (817) 503-1052 or

The City of Colleyville states that although open flaring is prohibited in Colleyville’s Land Development Code, the use of an enclosed combustor does not constitute open flaring (gases released into the atmosphere or burned off by open flame) and is a more environmentally sustainable alternative to test the wells’ viability. The wells were permitted by a Specific Use Permit (SUP) issued in 2010, and the testing activities were approved under that SUP as further detailed by a Temporary Use Permit issued  by the City of Colleyville on June 25, 2015 with conditions. The Atlas Barnett well site is located in Colleyville

The City of Southlake sent fifty-seven notices were sent to Southlake land owners whose property is within 1500 feet of the Atlas Barnet well site.

For more information about the Atlas Barnet well site located in the City of Colleyville, please visit: or call the Colleyville Community Development Department at (817) 503-1052, or by email to