Friday, September 29, 2023

Orange Barrel Alert – Traffic Switch at Florence and Randol Mill (FM 1938)

Beginning Wednesday, September 3, 2014, utility work will be conducted at the Florence Road/Randol Mill (FM 1938) intersection as part of the FM 1938 improvement project.  Eastbound Florence traffic will be diverted to temporary pavement beginning 500 feet before the Randol Mill intersection. Westbound traffic on Florence Road will be diverted around the excavation.

The traffic switch will be in place from Wednesday morning, September 3 to Monday, September 8th. Message boards will be placed on southbound Randol Mill near Florence Road to alert drivers.  Please exercise caution when traveling near the work zone.

For any questions, please contact Alex Ayala, P.E. at 817-748-8274.

Traffic Switch at Florence Rd/Randol Mill

Traffic Switch at Florence Rd/Randol Mill