Thursday, March 23, 2023

FM 1938 Update: New Right Turn Lane Opening on Southlake Blvd

UPDATE: 4/5/16 – TxDOT has pushed the opening of the right turn lane to April 11, 2016. 

TxDOT contractors will open a dedicated right turn lane on westbound Southlake Boulevard (FM 1709) later this week.

TxDOT contractors recently placed barricades in a westbound lane on Southlake Boulevard (FM 1709) at the FM 1938 intersection and, in the process, created some confusion and frustration for drivers The good news however, is that the closure is in preparation of the traffic switch scheduled for Thursday, March 31, 2016 on northbound FM 1938.

Once the switch happens, the concrete barricades that are currently blocking the right turn lane onto northbound FM 1938 will be pulled back to where the orange barrels are at now and that lane will be opened up to right turn traffic. Drivers who want to turn right will now be able to do so in a separate  lane leaving through traffic unaffected. There will be new markings placed to indicate that the right turn lane is open.

As the FM 1938 project continues, it’s expected that the impacts to traffic will increase. The City will continue to update you of these impacts via and the City’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

Please plan your travels accordingly and avoid the construction if possible.

For questions about the FM 1938 project, please contact Stephen Ranft, TxDOT Mobility Coordinator at or 817-462-0520