Friday, April 12, 2024

Frontier Communications Update

The City of Southlake staff recently met with a senior representative for Frontier Communications to discuss the challenges facing Frontier and the service delivery to Southlake residents.

In these discussions, the City wanted to ensure that Southlake residents would get commitment from Frontier that they will handle any service requests as quickly as possible and make excellent customer service a priority for our residents. The City also wanted to ensure that residents have an additional means to communicate, other than Frontier, if their needs are not being met to resolve their service issue. The City is therefore making itself available to assist residents if Frontier is not properly resolving their issue.

To contact Frontier on service issues, please use the numbers provided below:

  • Residential Consumer – 800-921-8101
  • Business Consumer – 800-921-8102
  • Live Chat With Frontier Communications

For assistance from City in resolving any issues, please contact the City below:

The City also requested that Frontier answer the questions being asked by Southlake residents. The answers to those questions are provided by Frontier below in the short FAQ (frequently asked questions) below.

Frontier FAQ’s

Why was my service transferred over to Frontier Communications from Verizon FiOS?

On April 1, 2016, Frontier Communications acquired Verizon’s wireline voice, broadband and FiOS video operations in California, Texas and Florida which included approximately 3.3 million voice connections, 2.1 million broadband connections and 1.2 million FiOS subscribers.  Frontier also welcomed approximately 9,400 new employees to the Frontier team. The transaction is one of the largest and most complex executed in our industry.

Why have there been so many service interruptions?

Over 440 million data extracts were completed as part of the transition.  Some of those data extracts contained flaws and, unfortunately, triggered issues experienced by our data and TV customers.  This is certainly not the experience we prepared for or wanted.  We appreciate our customers for their patience during this time.

Why is the wait time so long (or my calls getting dropped) to get someone to help us on the phone?

We’ve taken our customers’ feedback seriously.  We have revamped our call center practices by making our US-based call center the first choice call response team for our Texas customers and  decreasing our dependence on third-party call centers in general.  With training completed of the former Verizon agents and repair volumes steadily declining, our call center volume and wait times continue to improve.

How long am I going to have to wait to get my service issue resolved?

Our main priority continues to be our customers. Our team of 450 technicians are working around the clock to resolve any remaining issues as quickly as possible for our Texas customers. We are working diligently to restore service and have added over 60 contractors to date to supplement the technician force.  In addition, we are looking to add 20 temporary technicians while also borrowing 11 technicians in early May from Ft. Wayne Indiana.

Who can I speak with if my issue is still not getting resolved in a timely manner?

Any issues should be escalated to Frontier Communications, in the event things are not being resolved, communicate this with the City to see if they can assist with the service issue.

Are there different people I need to speak with when I have cable vs. internet vs. phone issues?

Our customers can contact our customer service representatives to help with all service issues. Our representatives are well equipped to notify technicians to go out to the field, if required, to help resolve their concerns. The number is listed below for our Consumer and Business customers:

  • Residential Consumer – 800-921-8101
  • Business Consumer – 800-921-8102

Why does it feel like Frontier Communications is doing nothing about our service?

Our team (Frontier) is working around the clock to resolve any remaining issues as quickly as possible.  In addition to ramping our operations staffing, we have created a Texas SWAT team to coordinate the rapid response to customer escalations and service outages.