Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Changes to Texas gas drilling laws being considered


Texas Capitol Building, Austin, Texas

Over the last couple of weeks, Texas legislators have been considering bills which, if approved in the House and Senate, will mean changes to Texas’ gas drilling laws. HB 40 and its companion bill SB 1165 addresses state jurisdiction over drilling operations and limitations on the regulatory authority of local government.

On March 30th, The Texas Energy Resources Committee voted 10-1 to approve CSHB 40 after many hours of testimony the previous week. City of Southlake staff and the City’s Attorney were among many local experts who spent time in Austin testifying before the Committee as the bill was being considered.

Below is a link to the testimony that took place over eight-plus hours the week of March 23rd.
House Committee on Energy Resources (3-23-15)

Senate Committee on Natural Resources & ED (3-24-15)
(Begins at 12:36)

The Texas Energy Resources Committee vote of March 30, 2015

On October 18, 2011, the Southlake City Council approved local drilling ordinance 880-B.  A brief history of the City’s current oil and gas drilling ordinance and summary of the ordinance ‘s changes is available in the Executive Summary.  For more information about Oil and Gas Drilling and Production in Southlake please visit