Sunday, April 21, 2024

Community Services Aquatics Team Receives the TAAF Gold Member City Award

The last few weeks have been very rewarding as Community Services staff continue to receive awards!

The City of Southlake recently received the Gold Member City Award from the Texas Amateur Athletic Federation (TAAF). The Gold Member City Award recognizes significant participation, support, and TAAF involvement.

The Texas Amateur Athletic Federation is a nonprofit organization that promotes, organizes, and conducts amateur athletics in the State of Texas. Their mission is to create and maintain in the State of Texas a permanent organization representative of amateur athletics and/or organizations devoted thereto; to establish and maintain the highest ideals of amateur sports in the State of Texas; promote the development of physical education and encourage the standardization of rules of all amateur athletics, games, and competitions.

The Community Services Department operates various athletic programs that range from Volleyball, Flag Football to Basketball! In addition, the Community Services Aquatics team played a critical role in this year’s TAAF Region 4 Swim Meet.

The Community Services Aquatics team was heavily involved in planning and executing the TAAF Region 4 Summer Regional Swim Meet. Carroll ISD hosted the swim meet from July 8-9, 2022. One hundred swimmers from local cities attended the competition.

Community Services Aquatics Supervisor Jennifer Blackstock served as the TAAF Region 4 Swim Commissioner. Aquatics Coordinator Zack Miller was elected as the TAAF Region 4 Assistant Swim Commissioner.

The Community Services Department is committed to providing world-class experiences to the community. Our team takes the recreation field to new heights, from athletics to aquatics!

Congratulations to Jenn and Zack for being recognized for their outstanding customer service and commitment to quality water programming and safety! We tip our hats to all Community Services employees who make participating with Southlake athletics a life-long memory!