Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Five Things The Community Services Department is Thankful For This Thanksgiving

The holiday season is finally here, and we can’t wait to ramp up the celebrations!

The City came together last weekend to celebrate Home for the Holidays and light up Town Square with holiday cheer. As Thanksgiving is this week, however, we didn’t want to let this crucial holiday pass without expressing our gratitude.

Here are five things we are thankful for this week:

Incredible Partners
Our mission is to create world-class experiences, and we couldn’t accomplish that without strong partnerships. Thank you to our volunteers, vendors, sponsors, board and commission members, athletic associations, and community services organizations that enhance the quality of our services every day. We’re grateful to you for sharing our mission and helping us meet it daily!

Beautiful Green Spaces
The holiday season is beautiful, but nothing beats having expertly planned and maintained public green spaces and parks. From the twinkling lights in Town Square to chilly walks in Bicentennial Park, November is a great month to get outside. Thank you to our Parks Division for your commitment to city-wide beautification all year round!

Serving our Community
Not everyone is lucky enough to get to do what they love for work every day. Parks and Recreation professionals have the privilege of dedicating their careers to promoting healthy habits, providing exciting recreational programming, and celebrating life’s most precious moments! We love working with our community, from Champions Club members to Senior Activity Center members, programs, and athletics participants! Thank you for your trust!

Supportive Teammates
Cliché as it sounds, teamwork, makes the dream work, and we have an incredibly supportive team in the Community Services Department. This Thanksgiving, we are grateful for co-workers who are always willing to lend a helping hand and make showing up to work fun every day!

Taking Time to Celebrate
Life moves by fast, so it’s essential to take the time to celebrate all occasions, big and small! We are grateful to celebrate this upcoming holiday as we continue to plan world-class holiday programs in the coming weeks. We hope our residents take the time to celebrate with their families and join us throughout the holiday season!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Community Services Department!


The Parks Division Begins Annual Winter Rye Application

Did you walk around Town Square last weekend and think the grass looked abnormally short?

Don’t worry it’s not an optical illusion, and no, the landscaper did not make a mistake. What you’re witnessing is the Parks Division preparing for our winter rye application. The Parks Division uses rye in its Turf Management Program to preserve high-traffic grassy areas during the winter months when the warm weather grass is dormant. Think of popular public parks like the ones in Town Square.

When grass is dormant, it cannot repair itself if damaged. It’s, therefore, more suspectable to creating bare and dead spots during City events when coming out of its dormancy in the Spring. All athletics fields utilized during the cold months use this process to keep them looking sharp and minimize wear and tear.

On top of preserving the warm weather grass from severe damage, rye acts as an erosion-preventative technique. The rye grass provides an extra root system that grows and holds the soil together during the heavy downpours over the winter months.

The annual winter rye application is just one example of the Parks maintenance techniques the Parks Division utilizes to keep Southlake beautiful and a wonderful place to visit. Their goal is to ensure every park in the City is clean, green, and safe! We feel fortunate to live and work in a City that takes such good care of its green spaces.