Friday, September 29, 2023

Pearson Ground Storage Water Tank Rehabilitation

Water tank repainting 1Beginning the week of November 17, 2014, the Pearson Ground Storage Tanks (GST) will undergo routine cleaning and repainting of the tanks’ interiors and exteriors. The painting of the tanks was approved at the October 7, 2014 City Council meeting and MK Painting, Inc. was awarded the contract to repaint the ground storage tanks. The project includes:

  • Painting the interior of Pearson GST #1 (the west tank)
  • Repairing the exterior of Pearson GST #2 (the east tank)

The repairs and repainting are scheduled to be completed by March 2015 with work being done between the hours of 7:00am and 9:00pm.

While the work is being done, there will be minimal to no traffic impacts. However, there may be some noise issues due to the work on the exterior of the east tank. Although that likelihood is also very slim.  Additionally, water service will not be affected during the repainting as this work is being conducted during the winter months when water demand is low.

Ensuring the integrity of the water storage system is incredibly important. Therefore, water tanks must be painted periodically to prevent rusting (corrosion of the steel) and discoloration (oxidation). The last time the Pearson GSTs were repainted was in 2008, when the exterior of Pearson GST #1 and the interior of Pearson GST #2 were painted and limited repairs were performed. This project will be the inverse of the previous work.

For additional information, please visit the project page here. For questions, please contact the Public Works Department at 817-748-8089.