Monday, October 3, 2022

Safety Reminder for Dragons

In Texas, a vehicle is burglarized every 2 ½ minutes and a vehicle is stolen every 5 minutes. Those statistics are staggering especially when combined with a recent increase in vehicle burglaries in several North Texas cities, including Southlake.

To help keep citizens from becoming a victim of theft, the Southlake Police Department is urging everyone to be more vigilant about locking their car doors and checking to make sure items of value are not visible to thieves.

Police say it only takes seconds for a thief to break into a vehicle and steal a purse, wallet or other valuables; which can also lead to identity theft.

Working together to reduce crime, Carroll ISD and the Southlake Police Department have placed “Hide, Lock, Take” signs in school parking lots. The signs serve as a reminder for drivers to Hide your things, Lock your car, and Take your keys.