Saturday, December 2, 2023

CSHS Green Jackets Announced for 2016-2017

Carroll Senior High School has announced the Green Jackets for the 2016-2017 School Years. These students were chosen from a highly competitive group of over 200 eligible students.

The student ambassadors are comprised of sixteen juniors who have a 95.0 average or better and who the faculty believe to be exceptional leaders.

Eight boys and girls with the most votes from the esteemed CSHS faculty receive the honor of becoming the new representatives. The Green Jackets are known for being an honorable group that serves in many capacities. According to Carroll Senior High tradition, they sport a green blazer, and usher at graduation, musical and theatrical events, sports events, as well as volunteering for civic events.

Lauren Clay
Callie Colvin
Peyton Faltys
Sarah Friske
Nailah Gordon
Taylar Packard
Katherine Paulsen
Katie Wright

Andrew Adams
Jackson Davis
Callen DiGiovanni
Corey Dotson
Josh Helm
Reed Ragsdale
JP Reppeto
David Turlip