Friday, September 22, 2023

Dragon Debate Hosts British National Debate Team

On Saturday, October 11, students from Carroll Senior High hosted the British National Debate team. Organized by the National Communication Association’s Committee on International Debate and Discussion, annual tours of the U.S. conducted by international teams offer opportunities for public deliberation on a variety of issues.

While the national teams usually compete against college teams, we were fortunate this year to have the support of the University of North Texas, who sponsored the debate with our students. Azhar Hussain and Priyanka Suri, seniors at CSHS, each debated with one member of the British National Team over the question of whether the United States should commit ground troops in the fight against ISIS.

Roughly 300 audience members attended the debate, which was held in conjunction with this year’s Dragon Faire debate tournament.

Mr. Jason Sykes, Director of Debate for Carroll ISD, said, “I am tremendously proud of our students and the effort of all our parents and coaches to bring the British team to the district, and I look forward to working to share similar public discussions with our community.”

Additional information about the tour may be found here: