Saturday, February 4, 2023

Phone Scam Alert – Fake Jury Duty Arrest Warrants

Southlake Police would like to make residents and business owners aware of two scams that are currently making the rounds in Southlake and possibly other surrounding cities.

According to several residents who have called about the scam, one involved a caller who identifies himself as Lieutenant Collins with the Southlake Police Department. The fake lieutenant tells the person that they failed to report for jury duty and that a warrant has been issued for their arrest. He says that the person can get the jury date reset but that they have to post a cash bond in the mean time.

The other scam is  from persons identifying themselves as Treasury Agents stating that a warrant has been issued for the citizen for not paying taxes and that someone will come by and arrest them if they don’t take care of the matter immediately.

“These scams have been around for a while,” said Assistant Police Chief Ashleigh Douglas.  “Southlake Police Officers will never request or collect money over the phone for any reason.  The best plan if you receive a call like this is to hang up on them as soon as possible and provide police with the scammer’s phone number.”

If you have been contacted and the call seems suspicious, call Southlake Police non-emergency line at (817) 743-4524.