Friday, June 18, 2021

Kendall Costello named Southlake’s Youth of the Year

Southlake’s Chamber of Commerce presented the 2016 Youth of the Year Award to Kendall Costello at this year’s Annual Banquet. The award recognizes outstanding teens who have demonstrated their commitment to our community.

Kendall Costello has taken her place in a line of intelligent and outstanding youths, and is indeed among friends.

One of the best and brightest students within Southlake, Kendall has excelled academically and was previously a member of the Carroll Medical Academy in addition to participating in the UIL Social Studies Academic Team. She is an extremely versatile young lady, very studious, but also adept at balancing a healthy social and professional life. She has been a Southlake Carroll Varsity Cheerleader, volunteered with numerous local groups and even lead the initiative for a new bicycling and helmet safety campaign in Southlake.

Kendall is a personable, kind and caring young lady and her positive personality does not go unnoticed by her peers or teachers. Kendall has also been elected as a Green Jacket; a highly prestigious position and honor, bestowed only to 5 girls and 5 boys of the in-coming senior class based on academics, leadership, and integrity.

Congratulations to Kendall Costello, Southlake’s Youth of the Year 2016!