Did you recently join Champions Club to take advantage of our New Member Special?

Are you feeling a little overwhelmed by the variety of fitness and wellness options available to Champion Club members? If you are still struggling to commit to your wellness New Year’s resolutions, then our Fitness Kickstarter Program is a good place to start. You’ve made the first step in your fitness journey by joining Champions Club. Now, let us help you reach your wellness goals!

The Fitness Kickstart Program is designed to provide new members with all the tools they need to assess their current fitness level, set realistic health and wellness goals, and learn about Champions Club resources and services. Our talented team of fitness instructors and personal trainers will help you customize a health and wellness plan unique to your needs and abilities. The best part? The Fitness Kickstart Program is complimentary for new members!

Here's what to expect when you schedule your Kickstart:

  • One-on-one goal-setting session
  • Fitness Assessment including body composition testing
  • Flexibility Assessment
  • Blood Pressure Reading
  • Aerobic Capacity Assessment

Are you ready to take advantage of this incredible new member benefit? Learn more about this program here and schedule your Kickstart today.

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