Monday, March 20, 2023

North Kimball Avenue and Kirkwood Boulevard to Dove Road Construction Begins Mid-September

The widening of the final section of Kimball Avenue from Kirkwood Boulevard to Dove Road is about to begin. Following extensive prep-work, such as acquiring all of the rights of way and relocating gas and electric utilities, the City Council awarded a construction contract to Pavecon, LTD at their August 20, 2013 regular meeting.  Construction is anticipated to begin mid-September and will last a year.

The widening of this final stretch along Kimball will be a significant construction project and will transform Kimball in a few important ways:

  • Widening of the road means that traffic flow will be improved.
  • Safety along Kimball will be enhanced with a better surface quality of the road, improved drainage for water runoff (which reduces the likelihood of flooding) and the installation of new street lights along the road.

As construction begins, travelers are likely to experience inconveniences along the Kimball corridor—slow traffic, congestion, or general traffic delays. The City is committed to maintaining two lanes of traffic open (one in each direction) and continuous access to all existing driveways, but delays may be likely. It’s with that in mind that the City respectfully asks that all travelers along Kimball remain patient throughout this process.

During construction, it is also imperative drivers:

  • Observe construction zone warning signs
  • Follow and obey designated traffic control devices (traffic lights, traffic signs, etc.).

An important goal of the project is to minimize inconvenience to motorists and to help protect those individuals working on the project. By observing construction zone warning signs and obeying traffic control devices, that goal can be achieved.

The Kimball project is important for the City of Southlake. The improvements along Kimball showcase a commitment to safety and a willingness to address the needs of a growing population. More importantly, the fact the project is a partnership between Southlake and Grapevine highlights a commitment to work with other cities to tackle regional problems and, ultimately, reduce costs for the City’s residents related to large-scale construction projects.

For more information regarding the North Kimball Avenue Improvement Project, please contact Steven Anderson, P.E. in the Public Works Department at 817-748-8098. For additional information about N. Kimball Avenue project, please visit the project web page.