Friday, October 7, 2022

Southlake Landscape Reimbursement Grant Program Applications for Local Businesses are Now Open

Earlier this year, the state of Texas experienced one of the harshest and devastating winter storms in decades. The impact on businesses was significant as many were already struggling through the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and was then compounded by a winter storm that resulted in further lost revenue.

To further support these local businesses in overcoming these challenges, the Southlake City Council adopted the Southlake Landscape Reimbursement Grant Program. This grant program is aimed at providing relief to local business owners whose landscaping was killed by the winter storm of February 2021. This grant will reimburse businesses the amount spent for the city required landscaping on their commercial property.

“This is a unique grant program but one that our local business property owners will appreciate,” Director of Economic Development and Tourism Daniel Cortez said. “Our main goal is to bring back the aesthetic beauty that landscaping brings to Southlake. It’s been difficult enough for businesses to manage through a pandemic, but the winter storm of February added to the hurt our businesses were facing.”

While most businesses have recovered from the winter storm and the economic impacts of the pandemic have mostly passed, there remains some visual impacts from the winter storm, specifically the landscaping on commercial properties. Many business properties throughout the city have needed to replace their landscape due to the extreme cold temperatures from the storm. While many business owners have already replaced most of the landscaping that was lost due to the low temperatures, the costs associated with acquiring the landscape materials were higher than normal due to the demand across the state.

To assist businesses that have already replaced their landscaping or are in the process to replace it, the City is offering a reimbursement grant for local business owners with commercial property in Southlake. Here is what business owners should know to apply for the grant:


  • Business owners should have a landscape plan for their commercial property.
  • If you don’t have a landscape plan, the City will likely have one on file. You can request one by emailing
  • Identify what landscaping was replaced due to the impacts of the February 2021 winter storm.
  • The landscaping that qualifies for the reimbursement will be only what is required by City ordinance.
  • Obtain a copy of your paid invoice for the landscaping material. The cost breakdown of material will need to be provided.
  • Read the eligibility requirements of the grant program at
  • Submit your application online once you have all your documentation.
  • The city will review your application and conduct an inspection of your new landscaping.
  • A check will be mailed at the address provided in your application.


The application period for this grant program is open from October 11, 2021 to December 31, 2021 until all funds for the grant are disbursed. Applications will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis.

To find out more information about the grant program, visit the Southlake Landscape Reimbursement Grant Program webpage. For questions, please contact the Office of Economic and Development and Tourism at

It’s National Gardening Day in Southlake!


National Gardening Day is on Sunday, April 14 which is a great time for you to get out in the yard, plant seeds and allow Mother Nature to work!

The City of Southlake has partnered with the North Central Texas Council of Governments and various cities across the DFW Metroplex to create the Texas SmartScape campaign. Texas SmartScape involves plant sales, landscape design tools, inspiration photos and more.

Not sure what to plant? Texas SmartScape has an online plant database that can you help you find plants that are beneficial for this type of environment.

The great thing about planting native to the region is that the plants are suited to the climate, soil and precipitation. It also improves water quality by reducing runoff. Another plus to planting plants native or adapted to Texas is that they require less water, pesticides and fertilizers.

“With the native plants using much less water than other types of plants, water bills tend to go down as this water is conserved,” said Environmental Coordinator Ashley Carlisle, “These plants also help filter out any pollutants that might be in stormwater, so it’s a two for one win for Southlake residents.”

Join the celebration with other gardeners across Texas on April 14 and plant something new in your garden to bring out the natural beauty of your landscape.

To learn more about Texas SmartScape and the City’s water conservation programs click here.