That’s why our award-winning Environmental Services Division diligently sets the bar with world-class practices and is always ready to adapt our services as regulations evolve.

Due to recent updates to the Lead and Copper Rule requirements from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Public Works is launching a City-wide inventory of waterlines to determine the absence of lead and copper pipes.

While Southlake's water quality has been certified as safe and consistently maintains an above-average standard, evidenced by the Superior Water System Rating, this new measure is aimed to ensure lead and copper piping materials do not compromise the superior quality of our water during delivery to customers.

“Our department performs various analyses daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly to ensure Southlake's water is meeting State and Federal standards,” Environmental and Regulatory Supervisor Madisson Dunn explained. “These new regulations simply add another layer to our confidence in the quality of water we provide.”

Established in 1991, the Lead and Copper Rule was designed to reduce lead and copper contamination in drinking water. Since then, Southlake has adhered to the regulations and launched their own Lead and Copper Testing Program to ensure the safety of citizens. Anticipating the recent change in federal requirements, the City launched a Pilot Program in 2023 to get ahead of the regulation revision and to smooth out processes with ample time.

“The pilot program itself was not a requirement, but more of a best management practice our consultant and Southlake decided to move forward with,” Dunn said. “The pilot program analyzed 100 parcels and no lead was identified during this project.”

Thankfully, homes built after January 1, 1989 already pass the lead and copper inspection by default. Since cities stopped using lead pipe materials for waterlines in the 60s and with promising results from the Pilot Program, the team is not anticipating locating many water lines that still use this material.

Moving forward, you might see field technicians investigating your water meter boxes to identify service material type. Once Public Works identifies any service lines still using lead and copper piping, they will begin to develop a replacement plan for City-owned lines. Although the City is inventorying all lines leading up to the property lines of homes to ensure safety, homeowners are responsible for the service line from the water meter box through the building or house.

If you see crews out conducting this inventory, don’t fret! Sit back, relax, and rest assured that our team is constantly working to assure your safety.

To learn more about what the new federal regulations mean for the City of Southlake, visit the lead and copper pipe webpage.

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