Saturday, March 2, 2024

What is 'ReportIt' and What You Need to Know to Protect Your Property

Important information from the Southlake Police Department about protecting your property and other valuables.
If your property went missing, would you be able to provide serial numbers, photos and receipts for your property? This information is vital to any investigation. “It only takes a minute for someone to steal your valuables and the Southlake Police Department wants to make sure that we have all the vital information we need to help try to locate your property and return it back to you,” said Police Chief Steve Mylett.There is a fast and easy way for you to securely register your property online with ReportIt. Just go to this link to find all the information that you need to register your property.Knowing what you own could be the difference between recovering and not recovering missing property. The information you enter is completely secure and you can access from any computer with internet access using your username and password.

Go to now to register.

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