In Southlake, we strive for perfection and to exceed expectations by delivering world class experiences. That’s why we hire world class employees to deliver services with a smile!

Meet Arianna Esparza. She is a recreation attendant with the Community Services Department.

Esparza has been working for the City of Southlake for about a year in the Recreation Division of Community Services, specifically with Athletics and Programs.

She assists and helps to facilitate premiere programs such as Camp Mania Kids, Club Metro and the athletic leagues.

Working with kids and seniors during COVID-19 has its challenges, but Esparza is up for the task.

She helps to enforce safety measures, so everyone is safe.

“We clean all the chairs, we make sure everybody is good to go. They have hand sanitizer, make sure referees get them and make sure all the parents have masks on before they’re sitting down and spread out,” Esparza said.

While safety is her main priority, her most valuable contribution to her job is brightening up someone’s day.

“The one thing that I enjoy most about my job is coming into work and knowing that if a kid is having a bad day, I can make that day completely different than what they had at school or at home. They can be open with me and talk to me about anything they would like to talk to me about,” she said.

Like many jobs, rewards are often given in different formats. For Esparza, it’s the opportunities.

“I love all the opportunities I get. I can be in different things like Club Metro. It’s probably one of the most amazing things because you get to see all of their smiling faces. I remember the first day they came back, they were all so excited to be here and that’s a joy that makes you happy to be there too,” Esparza said.



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