Whether you are in a small town or a major city, the public library is the centerpiece that helps bridge the gap between resources and the community which is why the Southlake Public Library is a beloved masterpiece.

Being an educational resource to an entire community is a big responsibility, but the Southlake Public Library takes on the challenge with grace and pride.

They work diligently to provide free access to the tools and information Southlake citizens seek to improve their lives, whether that's learning a new skill or finding their next great reading adventure.

They also offer programs, workshops and exhibitions for customers of all ages to enjoy, from Summer Reading Programs to literary works by diverse artists and writers.

Need a particular book? No problem. In efforts to expand their collection and make them readily available, the Southlake Public Library partners with over 34 North Texas libraries coordinating through an interlocal partnership between libraries to share digital content via the  Cloud Library app.

Their overall goal is to be the heart of the community where all are welcome to learn and grow.

So, if you’re in need of a great place and resource to fill your heart with warmth and mind with creativity, come visit the Southlake Public Library, where learning is love and coffee is served daily.

For more information about the services offered at Southlake Public Library, please visit us online or follow us on Facebook.

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