Sunday, April 21, 2024

Getting Footloose at The Senior Activity Center

Swing your partner round and round and mosey on over to the Senior Activity Center for Line Dancing!

Line Dancing made a comeback to the Southlake Senior Activity Center this June. Every Monday at 11:00 AM SAC members gather to partake in this fun, low impact, and healthy activity for those that love to dance. Seniors Line Dancing teaches members the different steps of line dancing while guaranteeing a hopping time.

It’s no secret that dancing is a fun pastime for those that feel the rhythm; however, it is also a fantastic exercise for seniors to do. There is a myriad of health benefits to dancing in your golden years.

Not only does dancing get you moving in a low impact way, but it is also a great social activity. We all know that our Southlake Seniors love being social, so we are happy to provide multiple social opportunities for the senior community.

Not only does dancing provide a fun social opportunity, but it also has many health benefits. These include improving mobility, strength, and balance, reducing muscle pain, minimizing stress and anxiety, and maintaining good heart and cardiovascular health.

With all the benefits associated with dancing, no wonder these classes have been filling up quickly! Make sure to keep up with the Senior Center Webpage to stay on top of all the activities available this summer! Register for an activity at the Senior Center here. 

Southlake Recreation Kicking Off the New Year With New Adult Programs

The kids aren’t the only ones who get to have fun. Southlake offers a wide range of programs for adults (18+) so everybody can get in on the action!

Wanting to learn to play the guitar? Beginner Guitar class is the perfect fit for you. Learn to play the guitar at a beginning level and learn many of the different styles, skills and techniques required to become a successful guitarist.

Learn the fun, fast and easy way to dance with our variety of dance classes. Ballroom Dance, Country Western Dance and Line Dancing are all classes offered to you! Learn how to two-step and West Coast Swing in a fun-filled atmosphere, learn how to line dance to the most popular dances, and learn how to Waltz, Rumba and Swing.

Get your groove on with the Bollywood Dance program, where you can learn the dance moves of your favorite movie stars and have a little fun while getting some amazing exercise.

Speaking of exercise don’t forget to sign-up for The Southlake LiveFit Pass which will give you unlimited access to all City of Southlake group fitness classes on an unlimited basis for an entire month.

And don’t forget about the Women’s Self Defense Class. This class empowers women to fight back and survive an attack from an assailant.

These programs and more can be found here in The Southlake Scene.

For more information on these programs go to or call (817) 748-8019