Friday, August 19, 2022

SYAC is Now Accepting Applications for the 2022-2023 School Year

Are you an exceptional Southlake teen/ Carroll ISD student? Do you love giving back to your community while simultaneously learning more about local government and how it affects your day-to-day life?

Participating in the Southlake Youth Action Commission (SYAC) gives you first-hand access to the City’s leaders and staff. Ever wonder how strategic decisions about which roads to build or which projects to finance are made? Want to connect with like-minded overachievers and emerging leaders?

The Southlake Youth Action Commission is a recommending volunteer body that serves as the youth voice for the City. In addition, SYAC members get to participate in various volunteer and learning opportunities throughout the year. If you are looking for a way to make your resume and college applications stand out, then apply to be on SYAC for the 2022-2023 school year!

Applications for the upcoming school year are currently open! Here are the requirements to apply:

  • Must be enrolled in 9th – 12th grade
  • Must be a Southlake resident or must attend a C.I.S.D. school
  • Members will serve an 8-month term, beginning in October and expiring in May (in tandem with the academic calendar)
  • Seven students will serve as board members, and up to 13 will serve as alternates
  •  Interested students meeting the qualifications must submit an application by 5:00 PM on Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Learn more and apply today!

2021-2022 SYAC Chair is Heading to Harvard Next Fall!

The Southlake Youth Action Commission (SYAC) consists of civic-minded young residents with a passion for learning and giving back to their community.

Each year, young members of the Southlake community volunteer their time to serve on this crucial City board. They learn about local government and share their perspectives as part of the City’s youth. This year’s SYAC Chair, Katy Lin, led the group through various projects. They learned about the CIP process, picked up litter on Shady Oaks Dr. through Keep Southlake Beautiful Adopt-A-Street Program, and participated in a City-wide Intern Day.

A soon-to-be graduate of Carroll Senior High School, Katy Lin, is heading to Cambridge, Massachusetts in the Fall to join the Harvard University Class of 2026! She hopes to pursue a concentration in government with a minor in philosophy. Her future career plans include attending law school and becoming a human rights lawyer for an international NGO!

Katy served on SYAC all four years she was in high school. After last year’s Intern Day, Katy procured a summer internship in the City Manager’s Office, where she got a first-hand view of the City’s strategy.

“SYAC helped me understand the functions of the City and the greater importance of local government. It widened my understanding of how much municipal decisions affect the lives of residents, often far more than state or national politics. Being a part of SYAC has also taught me the importance of service to my community and instilled a passion to continue that wherever I go.” Katy Lin, SYAC Chair.

Congratulations on your acceptance to Harvard, Katy! We’ll miss seeing you around the City this Fall, but we know you have a bright future ahead!

Southlake Youth Action Commission is Now Accepting Applications

Calling all civic-minded Southlake high school students: The Southlake Youth Action Commission is now accepting applications for the 2021-2022 academic year.

If being the voice of Southlake’s youth, learning about the City of Southlake, and participating in community events intrigues you, then SYAC is the place for you!

SYAC is a group of ambitious high school students who want to learn more about local government while making a difference in their community. Members meet once a month during the academic year to interact with different city departments, learn about government functions, and volunteer at exciting city events.

Joining SYAC is an excellent way to gain volunteer hours, make new friends, and boost your resume for college applications. When you become a SYAC member, you get the opportunity to connect with city staff and leaders to gain a better understanding of how the City functions. Highlights of the year include participating in Intern Day, specialized volunteer opportunities, and meeting with City Council members.

Here’s what former SYAC members have to say about their experience:

“I started SYAC my freshman year. It has been one of the best organizations to connect with the local government throughout my high school career. Interning and speaking with city officials monthly has taught me so much about Southlake and how the youth are vital community members. I highly recommend applying to this program if you are interested in government, politics, or just willing to explore new fields of study.” – Rishik Bethi, 2020-2021 SYAC President.

“Many residents don’t understand the importance that local government has on us. Through SYAC’s guest speakers, hands-on projects, and internship opportunities, I’ve not only learned how decisions that regularly affect me are made, but I also developed my own ideas and opinions on municipal decisions. Intern Day, especially, has always been a wonderful experience.” Katy Lin, 2020-2021 SYAC Vice President.

“As a part of SYAC, I was provided with an invaluable view into how city municipalities function. It has opened my eyes in terms of future career paths I can pursue. I enjoyed listening to speakers from different departments about what their daily tasks look like, the education they took, and how their career has changed throughout time.” Samad Rizvi, SYAC Member.

“SYAC is a great organization that allows students to explore and learn more about how the city is run. I love the Intern Day that SYAC does each year.” Sana Khan, SYAC Member.

Ready to take your knowledge of local government to the next level? Apply today! Applications are due on August 31.