Monday, April 22, 2024

Let's Get Digital

ZinioHave you seen our Southlake Digital Libraries? There are more ways than ever to download eBooks, audiobooks, and eMagazines with your handy-dandy Southlake Library card. Visit and select Digital Libraries to find our Overdrive Library, Freading Library, and Zinio Library. Each library offers something different for our Southlake customers. Explore them below to find out more.

Overdrive Library – Our first digital library, Overdrive, offers the best selection of hot titles available to library customers for downloading to the widest range of devices. Whether you have an iPad, your daughter’s hand-me-down iPod (That’s me!), or the latest from Kindle, you are sure to find titles for your device. Because these are the hottest titles, downloads are limited to one customer at a time but place it on hold to snag it when it’s available.

Freading Library – One of our new additions, Freading, provides access to over 25,000 titles all at once. These include a wide range of fiction, nonfiction, children’s books, and more. Freading works with tokens and Southlake customers have 5 tokens to use weekly. Unused tokens roll over for up to 4 weeks.  Books take 1, 2, or 4 tokens per checkout, depending on their popularity.  Freading allows one renewal for most titles and usually with no extra tokens required. There are no hold requests because downloads are not limited to one customer at a time. Sweet!

Zinio Library – Our latest addition, Zinio, is your source for eMagazines. Find approximately 45 of the hottest magazines available for free download to your portable device.  Once you set up your account and choose your magazines, they will automatically update on your device as new issues become available. Best of all – no waiting!  Downloads are not limited to one customer at a time.

Here’s a quick tip for keeping up with your Southlake Library card and the many other membership cards you own. Find the free app Card Holder in your app store. Enter your Southlake Library card number and it will generate the barcode for you. We can scan the barcode right from your phone. No more carrying dozens of cards in your wallet – just store them on your phone, which you know you have with you anyway. Right?